lion in his jail bird chastity device
This little cage prevents erection and orgasm. My penis belongs to Mrs. Lion and I can’t even touch it without her supervision.

Enforced Chastity is, at the most fundamental level, a mechanical restraint of the penis to prevent erection and ejaculation. Over the years, lots of devices have been created to achieve this purpose. The most recent incarnations have been relatively secure, comfortable devices. These devices have made it possible for a much larger number of men to engage in enforced chastity.

Chastity devices are like underwear. They have a useful purpose and are not visible to the world in general. Most men buy underwear for comfort. A relatively small group use underpants as a fashion statement. Let’s face it, most guys put very little time into deciding what their underpants should look like. Chastity devices, on the other hand, are shopped and discussed the same way guys talk about cars.

Forums exist where different devices are discussed and debated. Which are more secure? Which look best? Which have the best features? You’d think the debates were about Porsches and Ferraris. Construction materials are debated. Is plastic, silicone or stainless steel best? (I wonder why there are no carbon fiber devices) Is an open cage too much of a temptation?

You get the idea. Ever think about why guys obsess over how to keep their penises locked up? I can certainly understand debating comfort and security. I can also get on board discussing hygiene. Some devices, like the CBxxx are nearly impossible to wear and keep clean.

Chastity devices can be expensive. The custom fitted devices can cost hundreds of dollars. So, it makes sense to read reviews and carefully consider choices before investing in a custom device. But should it matter how it looks? Ideally a chastity device should be invisible under clothing, so comfortable that the wearer forgets it’s there, and so easy to clean that it needs no special attention in the shower.

Some keyholders like the “look” of certain devices. In my opinion, that is the only reason a caged male should care about the appearance of a device. If your keyholder finds a closed tube with just a pee hole sexy, then it is worth the extra trouble keeping clean to give her that thrill. If you, like the look of one device over another, I suppose it could be part of  your decision, but face it, you shouldn’t be staring at your cock anyway.

Based on my experience, the most important feature of any chastity device is comfort. If you can’t forget it’s on most of the time, then you probably won’t be able to wear it permanently. You should never need to use lotion or lubes to stay comfortable. You should be able to sleep through evening wood without any problem. In fact, when your penis tries to get hard, there should be no sensation at all from the device beyond a rather pleasant pressure on your cock.

Next on my list is hygiene. I don’t want to need unlocking to keep clean. I also don’t want to use special sprays or tools to keep my cock clean. A shower should be enough for both me and my device. Last is security. I want it to be difficult to pull out and then get back in. I don’t want it to be impossible. Why? Because every measure you can take to make pull out harder will also compromise comfort. The real security of enforced chastity is your self control.

Before I ordered my Jail Bird I had an email exchange with Mature Metal about which of their devices would work best for me. I supplied my measurements and asked which of their models would be most comfortable and easiest to clean. Because I have a short flaccid length (1.5 inches), Mature Metal told me that the model that would work best is the Jail Bird. So I ordered one. They were right. I have no problem wearing  it 24/7. It’s easy to clean, and reasonably secure.

Do I like how my cock looks in the Jail Bird? I do. I have seen pictures of my cock in it (image). It doesn’t turn me on. It’s ok. Do you like it? It’s beauty to me is in its effectiveness at controlling me sexually and the fact I can wear it without pain or inconvenience.