It Does Nothing For Me

We found this new tv show. It’s Mistress Somebody or other introducing people to kink. Lion calls it Kink 101. He yells at the tv while he watches because she says there are things that she’s sure the viewer has never heard of. Of course he’s heard of it. But he’s Mr. Kink. I think he really just watches to see if he knows anyone she interviews.

Last night we watched one about puppy play. I knew people like to be made to eat out of bowls and have collars like dogs, but I didn’t know they like to behave like dogs at a dog park. They sniff each other’s butts. There was another one about humiliation. A man loved when his girlfriend called him names and hit him. She brought in another man and had the second man fuck her boyfriend. Then she made her boyfriend give the second man a blow job.

We’ve watched three or four of these so far and I have to say that they do nothing for me. At all. There was no “I wish someone would do that to me” moment. There was no “I can’t wait to try that on Lion” moment. There were a few “why are we watching this?” moments but I’m not sure if that was because Lion was yelling at the tv. I can’t say I was repulsed. We’ve done some of the things. In a way I guess it’s a tv show version of what we do here. It’s another way to get information. It seems reliable. Lion isn’t yelling at the tv because they’re giving incorrect information. He just objects to the idea that she’s saying most people have no idea this stuff goes on. I would agree with her. I don’t think the average man or woman on the street could give you more than three examples of what they consider kinky. And they would probably be handcuffs (and tying someone up), dildos, and spanking. End of ideas. I know I couldn’t have before I met Lion.

Part of me wishes I would have an aha moment and suddenly start liking the things he likes. Part of me wishes he would have an aha moment and suddenly start liking the things I like. In absence of that happening, we will continue trying to make each other happy the best we can. We seem to be managing quite well so far.

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    The show is on Showtime and it’s title is Sex with Sunny Megatron. I do watch it hoping to see people I know. It is a very mild kink show, but I agree that many people will find it new and startling. Hell, I’ve taught workshops on some of that stuff.

    The show we saw last night was on role playing. I know quite a lot about puppy play. No, I’ve never been a puppy like they show on the Megatron show. But, I have co-taught a workshop on it. Much of what they show doesn’t turn me on either. Portions could if I were actually involved. So far the activities they have shown are accurately done and done safely. Good going, Sunny! Catch this show if you can. It’s fun.

    Last night’s show was titled “role playing”. One form of this was labeled by Sunny Megatron as “Humiliation”. This scene was where the submissive male had sex with another man. Being “forced” to have sex with another man in an of itself isn’t humiliation. The bottom looked like he was having a good time. It might have been a humiliation scene if his top called him demeaning, anti-gay names while he was sucking the other man’s penis. She didn’t. In fact, she stroked him and let him know she was pleased with him. The only potentially humiliating part of this scene was that it was being shown on national TV. Now that is humiliating!

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