Our experience with enforced chastity fit well into our life before my cage. All of the issues, good and bad, remain. The big difference is that the sexual side of our lives has moved more to the forefront and has a structure it didn’t have before. The new structure is the result of our decision to pursue enforced chastity.

Central to our new sex life is that both of us must take an active role in building our mutual pleasure. Many males who want to be caged, imagine that life will be all teasing and giving orgasm to a sex-hungry keyholder. Few of us fit into that category. More typically, sex has fallen into a routine or has disappeared entirely. The addition of enforced chastity provides a new start.

I’m not saying that an automatic cure for marital blah’s is locking up your husband’s willy. But the truth, at least for us, is that the very act of my asking Mrs. Lion to lock me up and then her efforts to be a good keyholder, shined a spotlight on our sex life. It’s not perfect yet, but we both pay a lot of attention to sex now. I can’t go off and wank if I get horny and don’t want to ask Mrs. Lion for sex. She can’t just pretend that intimacy has faded.

The truly odd thing is that our marriage remained strong through all of this. We love each other more than anything and that has nothing at all to do with sex. The fact that our relationship is strong enough to work with or without sex is a very positive sign. What we have now is the beginning  of a new phase where sex is taking its proper place. At this point most of the sex benefits me, but I am confident that it won’t be too much longer before Mrs. Lion will be back in the saddle again as well.