I agree with Lion to some extent. We are settling into our chastity lifestyle. It’s almost second nature. However, that can be a bad thing for me. Settling in, becoming comfortable, can lead to complacency. As in, stagnation. As in, inertia. I need to be on the lookout for that constantly.

This is the main reason for our every other day play schedule. Not only does Lion want it, I need it. It “forces” me to be involved. I know that I need to have a plan for it. Typically I don’t plan very far in advance. Sometimes it’s only a matter of minutes beforehand. But I know I need to come up with something. While I’ve been trying not to wait for the last minute in other areas of my life (I am finally paying bills before the due date) somehow I have not managed to have a full plan for Lion play. At least not consistently. And I think that’s mostly because things can change.

Lion may come bounding through the door from work ready to play and then we have a heavy dinner. Now we’re both stuffed and unable to move. Not really a good time for him to be on his stomach so I can spank him. That’s why we play things by ear. This weekend his back was hurting a lot. I was doing some things alone that he normally helps with. So then my back was hurting and I was tired. Except for his orgasm Friday night it was a no-play weekend.

He thinks tonight he will not be in as much pain. We’ll see. In any case, he’s fine when he’s flat on his back and that means his cock and balls are available. Since he doesn’t move much during teasing anyway, there shouldn’t be a problem. I think I see Velcro in his immediate future. At the very least I see clothes pins. I can’t let him think I’ve forgotten about Mr. Weenie. Never!