One of the reasons the scheduled date bothers me is that part of me feels I am letting Lion down by not making him wait. The other part says, “Are you kidding? He’d love to come!” I know I can change my mind any time. I know Lion doesn’t really care about long waits. But it’s just one more example of me not following through when I give him an orgasm early.

I know. It’s all in my head. Isn’t every part of this? I’ve had to wrap my head around punishment, teasing, edging, ruined orgasms. All of it. It stands to reason things get a little muddled.

Lion has made it clear its my decision. I know that. What I need to do is overcome the idea that the date is mocking me. If I don’t care that I’m not waiting then I can do whatever I want. The date is just a suggestion. I don’t need a reason to extend or reduce time. I know it. I just have to believe it.

It seems like I take two steps back for every step forward.

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    Mrs Lion. .
    You are doing great!!..
    The only thing that indicates a step back is some sort of “should”
    By you doing what you want and Mr Lion realizing it’s what you want will work in the end.. no matter what it is.. the fact you guys love and respect each other so much will make everything a good thing eventually..?
    Even if your not positively sure of something letting him think you are will carry the day….just sayin

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