How Many Orgasms Are Enough?

Over the last day or so Mrs. Lion has been discussing waiting times. Should they be fixed and preassigned? Is it better to leave the issue open ended? I like the idea of assigned waits since it lets me anticipate. It also gives Mrs. Lion the ability to change the date depending on my behavior. She said she likes giving me orgasms. How nice. I like having them. A match made in heaven!

She asked me what my ideal interval would be. That’s not an easy question. After some thought I told her that once every two or three days would be right. Based on my past experience, this is a fair number. Of course, over the last  year I’ve had to wait considerably longer than that. Sometimes the longer waits have been tough to handle. Other times it wasn’t bad at all.

I know that I have a sexual interest “cycle”. When I am in my horny phase, I want sex all the time and can easily enjoy two orgasms a day. On the other side of my cycle, I lose interest in sex and waiting a week or more doesn’t bother me. There is also “use it or lose it”. Reduced sexual frequency will result in reduced interest. This is one reason why tease and deny is such an important part of enforced chastity.

Mrs. Lion knows all this. She has been trying to learn how long I have to wait before I get desperate to come. She likes me in that state. The longer the wait, if accompanied by very frequent tease and deny, should result in increasing desperation. Some keyholders love this so much that they don’t like finally allowing their males an orgasm. When they do, it takes time for the high energy desperation to return.

I don’t think Mrs. Lion has settled on what she wants in terms of my chastity. She is experimenting and learning. I’m learning too.