Yesterday was orgasm day! Last night Mrs. Lion uncaged me and played with my penis for a while. Then she moved down the bed and gave me a very slow, wonderful blow job. It was mind blowing! Not fancy, just perfect.

Almost eleven months ago I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me into a chastity device. It was amazingly erotic. If you have been reading along, you know we have been slowly evolving our new sexual adventure. Meanwhile, I stay locked in this device. All this time I have believed that the device was the catalyst for the positive changes we have been making. I know that I can probably pull out of the locked device. But I don’t.

The device is always there. It prevents self stimulation and erections. It does its job very well. It turns me on because it is a form of bondage that travels with me everywhere. It provides Mrs. Lion with a way to absolutely control my sex life. That, after all, is what I want. There have  been times when Mrs. Lion lets me run around wild (uncaged). During those times I do enjoy touching my penis now and then. But nothing happens. I don’t get hard. I don’t even want to get hard.

This got me thinking. Is there more going on than I imagined? I thought about the facts. The last time I masturbated was February 2014, over ten months ago. That occasion was when Mrs. Lion asked me to do it so she could watch. Since then, the only sexual stimulation I have known has been provided by her. So, for the last ten months the only erections I have experienced were provided by Mrs. Lion. The rest of the time I am caged and essentially neutered. Well, not neutered, I still desire release and feel intensely horny.

I could work my penis out of its cage and masturbate. It’s possible. Maybe. But I can’t. I won’t. What’s more, even when allowed to be “wild”, my cock behaves the same way it does when caged. At this point I don’t think the effect would last more than a day or two. Who knows? The point is that Mrs. Lion and that little chastity device are changing me. The most powerful male imperative, sex, is being controlled by someone outside of me.

So my chastity device turns out to be a very powerful force for change. The cage is a game changer. Standard power exchange where the male surrenders sexually when with his top is one thing. But when the control is real and physical and is in place 24-hours-a-day, the change is profound. I’m convinced that by March 2016 (the date we agreed to decide if we want to continue locking me up), I won’t be capable of sexual arousal unless the stimulation comes from Mrs. Lion. I will be sexually trained.

Does that mean I don’t need the cage anymore? I suppose in some ways I won’t. But it will remain in place as a perpetual reminder that Mrs. Lion owns me.