Orgasm Games

Mrs. Lion has added a new wrinkle to our play: she is planning to offer me trades for an orgasm. She wrote about this in her post yesterday. Her idea is intriguing. She plans to offer me a favorite way to come in exchange for extending my wait time. It’s pure supply-side economics. If I am super horny and there are many days to wait, she will offer the extremely tempting lion ride in exchange for a long extension of my wait time. Of course,  giving me that trade does reset my biological clock. For example if I have a week to wait and she offers me a favorite orgasm in exchange for an additional week, it doesn’t really matter how long I waited prior to the offer. My clock resets, so my new wait will be two weeks. Essentially we are setting a new wait. Since I don’t know how long my next wait would be anyway, my decision is a gamble.

That, of course, is the idea. If, for example, she offers me an orgasm in exchange for an addtional two weeks and I have one week remaining, then my new wait is three weeks. If I don’t take the deal and wait a week, my new wait  might be three weeks anyway. Or, if my next scheduled wait was only 10 days, then I effectively screwed myself.

I have to give her credit for this plan. It’s a diabolical game. I asked Mrs. Lion if she thought this was fun for her. All she would say is that she knew I would like it. Messing around with the time between orgasms is very high stakes for me. I really care about getting to come. I love my orgasms. Taking any away is a big deal to me. Unlike spanking, which I love to hate, reducing my opportunities to come hits me where it hurts. That is the point of the game. She is putting me in charge of deciding what happens next. A wrong decision and I lose out in a way that hurts.

The idea is brilliant. I am at my most vulnerable when I really want to come. But now there is a price for relief. Is it worth that chance to be ridden to orgasm if I have to wait a long time for my next chance to come? Mrs. Lion has been very strong about not giving me unscheduled orgasms. So I know that my moment of ecstasy is going to cost me a long time until my next one. Maybe it isn’t. That’s the thing. If I accept the deal and it means a 10 day wait it might not be so bad if Mrs. Lion’s next scheduled wait is 15 days. That’s the gamble.

It’s the Lady or the Tiger. Diabolical Mrs. Lion!