All Lubed Up and Nowhere to Go

Or come. Well, at least not completely. As I wrote yesterday, I was debating with myself whether to allow Lion to orgasm last night. I knew I was going to edge him, but part of me wanted to make him wait because Tuesday is day six. I need to find out if day six is really a thing with him.

I decided to lube Mr. Weenie up and give him a workout. I edged him once, asked if he was as horny as the night before, and attempted to edge him again. I guess the lube threw me off my game. Ruined orgasm. Damn! Not what I intended at all.

After the second edging I was going to give Lion a choice. Depending on what choice he made he might have been allowed to come. Want to know what choice I was going to give him? So does he! And now he’ll just have to wait till his next play date to find out. He says he’ll probably be just as horny since a ruined orgasm doesn’t seem to satisfy his craving. I’m glad because I think the decision may be more difficult the hornier he is. Plus, it will be day six so he should be grumpy and horny. What fun!