Yesterday, Mrs. Lion graciously informed me that I can wait for my birthday treat until I feel well enough to enjoy it. Unfortunately, it is taking me longer than I like to get that energy back. I’ll know when I am ready when I get that starting-to-get-hard twinge when I think about being spanked or pegged. I think that the first step for me is some teasing maybe with anal play. I think my body has to get “primed”. Anal activity, in particular, requires frequent exercise for it to be fun. It also requires, at least for me, some genital stimulation to help keep the connection alive.

We males are more complex than many females think. We certainly give the impression of always being ready for any sort of sexual fun. In my case, that is mostly true. Some serious penis stimulation can generally rouse me to action. I may or may not really enjoy the ensuing activity. I have had many orgasms, mostly at my own hand, that weren’t particularly enjoyable. It just felt like some pressure was being reduced. From the perspective of propagating the species, nothing says it has to be fun. If I squirt, I have served my purpose.

One reason that enforced chastity is so much fun is that one major component is to arouse and frustrate me often. Unlike an un-fun orgasm, the teasing, by definition, has to be fun. It can be way more fun than the orgasm itself. This isn’t just true in the context of enforced chastity. I think that I have always had my best orgasms when my mind (and other parts of my body) has been focused on things that turn me on.

Why else would I want to be punished? Because feeling the power that controls me and can punish me is a big turn on. The same is true of spanking. As I have said many times, I rarely enjoy the spanking itself. What I always enjoy is the feeling of being controlled. That’s why I love bondage. I do have to say that when Mrs. Lion builds up a spanking just right, I get and stay hard for a while. The endorphins feel amazing. Once my endorphin level gets high enough, the erection disappears as I slip into that “high” the hormone generates.

Sometimes, just a few words that reinforces my lack of power will start an erection. It’s just how I am wired. I’m not that simple though. I can be turned on by other things too. What may not be obvious is that massaging my penis until I ejaculate in and of itself isn’t really enough to give me the level of pleasure an orgasm should create. In this respect, men and women aren’t that different. Simple genital stimulation doesn’t really do it for most  women. They need more. Guess what? me too.