In my mind, maybe means I’ll think about it and make a decision. I might do it. I might not. In Lion’s mind, maybe means yes. It’s a definite. If anything, knowing me, I’d think he would equate maybe with no. If I don’t give him a definite yes I will not be doing whatever we discussed. It will get lost somewhere between thinking about it and implementing it. Maybe he’s just an optimist. Yes, he is. See? It works for him.

Yesterday, in my post, I said Lion may get attention every night. He got some Sunday and then on Monday he got more. Last night he said my post said every night. And besides, it was a regularly scheduled night. He actually pulled up my post to verify. And it said he may get attention.

There are two issues here. I am usually very careful to say “maybe”. I’m not a “definitely” kind of person. Maybe gives me a chance to consider things. Maybe gives me an out. Maybe is a throwback to my ex and my desire not to be backed into a corner because a decision I made went south. The second issue is that, while I said I would play with him at least every other night, there were no scheduled days. If I play with him two days in a row, I can have one day off before I have to play with him again. I could play with him for six days in a row and take one off. The agreement was made so that he would have attention at least every other day. In other words, I can’t take three days off and play with him one day and take another two days off. It was to give him consistency and to give me a kick in the pants so I don’t slip back into inertia. It was the least he could expect. Anything above and beyond is a bonus. But I know how he feels about bonuses.

I did take pity on the poor Lion last night. Even though I was planning on taking the night off, I unlocked him. This time I knew I was not going to edge him. But during the day, in one of our email conversations, I ended an email with LICK. We usually say KISS in texts and emails. So I figured I should follow through and give him a lick or two. Usually once I start in on a blow job I have to finish it. And Lion prefers it that way. But I decided to stick to my guns. No edging. No edging and no bonus orgasm. I had no idea how close I got him. His hips weren’t bucking yet. Afterwards he said if I had kept going just a little longer he wouldn’t have been able to hold back. And then he wondered why I stopped. I told him he didn’t like the idea of bonus orgasms so he wouldn’t be getting any. He definitely needs to be careful what he asks for.

Fourteen days left until Lion gets his orgasm. I wonder how he’ll do if I don’t edge him along the way. Last night he said he was wondering if I’d unlock him at all for the remaining time. In a previous post I said maybe I would give him different attention and he translated that to a definite and then further defined that as absolutely no edging. Another instance where Lion has to be careful. He makes far too many assumptions.