Lion is not sure he likes the idea of bonus orgasms. Oh, he likes the idea, but he thinks it will dilute my power. I thought it would be a good reward. I have the power to give him the one thing I have taken away by caging him. So I guess that’s off the table as a reward.

However, the past two bonus orgasms I gave him were not rewards. The first one was because I wanted to ride him and I didn’t care if he came or not. Yes, I did know he probably would come, but there wouldn’t have been any punishment for not holding back. The second one was because he had a butt plug in and I knew it was a different sensation for him to orgasm while plugged.

Technically I didn’t give him those orgasms. I took them. So if it makes him feel better, we can categorize bonus orgasms as those I take from him. Remember, Lion, I don’t always want my own orgasm, but I love taking yours. Does that give the power back to me?

Actually, I don’t care if he thinks it gives me power. I will continue to take orgasms from him whenever I want to. Whether we call them bonus orgasms or not is another matter.