I have instituted a new rule that will be very easy for Lion to follow. By noon each workday, he must contact me by text, email, or phone. That’s it. It can be as simple as a kiss message or as elaborate as he cares to get. He usually does this anyway so it shouldn’t be too much of a chore. I figure no matter how busy he is he can sneak in a text that says KISS. After all, I am the boss. He should let me know he’s thinking of me. I haven’t decided what the punishment will be for failing to meet the deadline. Probably swats.

Now on to the problem that has been bothering me these past few days. How do I deal with Lion and his suggestions that suddenly become the law of the land? First, I really do like his suggestions. They let me know what he’s thinking and what he may or may not want. As long as I am the one deciding whether or not we follow through with a suggestion, things run fairly smoothly. There are times that his suggestions do make me feel like I’m not doing what he wants and it gets overwhelming that things keep changing. I need to work on that. Lion needs to work on his assumptions that rules will be instituted.

From now on, if I get overwhelmed by his suggestions I will tell him (hopefully before I get too frustrated) and he will not be punished. When I approve a rule change I will state it clearly. If he assumes a rule has been put into effect and writes a post about it when, in fact, there is no rule, he will be punished I will decide what the punishment will be at that time. It could be swats. It could be a day or more added to his wait time. I could be loss of playtime.

Speaking of loss of playtime, I just made that up. Lion and I had an agreement that I will play with him every other day. If he is naughty, it seems to me losing this privilege would be a good punishment. Sort of a solitary confinement. He hates that. I can use that to my advantage. Mean Mrs. Lion!

All I have to do (I hate that saying) is to follow through with these ideas and that’s the most difficult part of all of this.