Mrs. Lion In Control

in control
Mrs. Lion has evolved and taken more and more control of me.

Over the last six months Mrs. Lion has evolved from a reluctant keyholder who just wanted to do what I want to a lioness in control of my chastity. This evolution hasn’t been easy for her and I am very grateful for her efforts. It seems that with each passing week she seems more comfortable as her role as my keyholder. For example, she plans my waits and sticks to her plans. Twice in recent days she has told me that she wants me to please her. How cool is that? She writes that she does it as an alternative to teasing me. That’s fine. I just love giving her pleasure. Wednesday night I was allowed to give her several orgasms. I had my cage on and my penis was pushing hard against the bars.

She’s also publicly set goals for herself: teasing every other day, longer waits with added or subtracted days, enjoying my frustration, more discipline, etc. All of these challenge her since she isn’t generally a results-oriented person. She made it clear that I will be caged for a very long time. She said that the cage helps her to stay with the focus on our sexual communication.

Most significantly, she seems to have learned to enjoy the results of her actions. She laughs at my grumbles and appears to genuinely enjoy seeing me frustrated at the edge of orgasm. She also seems to like reminding me that I have to wait when I let her know I am horny.

All this seems to signal that Mrs. Lion is having some fun with my chastity. That is what I had hoped would happen. As she gets more comfortable and continues to realize that I am happy and grateful she is “torturing” me, I’m sure she will expand her activities and control. Mrs. Lion read this post and commented that she isn’t sure that she is enjoying my response as much as grateful she can do it with less trepidation.

I look forward (and dread) the expansion of her activities. I am all too aware that my anal training has just started. I wonder if Mrs. Lion will set a date by which I must accept her hand? That may be the one element that Mrs. Lion might consider changing. Goals are wonderful, but are improved with a target date.

I am also sure she will expand her disciplinary activities. I remember when I first asked her to spank me; those first swats were just little pats on my butt. Now, she has no problem making me squirm. I expect she will expand her spanking and shocking and begin enjoying my discomfort. Once she starts liking my reaction, she will push harder. I want her to do that. After all, a month or two ago, Mrs. Lion felt badly when she edged me and saw my frustration. Now she enjoys seeing me squirm and react when I get just to the edge and she stops. I think that if she disciplines more (she really doesn’t need a reason) she will also enjoy my discomfort. I  know I will.