Oreo’s 1 Mrs Lion 0

Last night I had a wild Lion who said he liked being wild and wouldn’t mind being wild from now on. Was this a trick? Was it a test? I don’t know. But I started toying with the idea of a weenie vacation. If it was scheduled and done because I wanted to give him some time off, then would it be ok for Lion to roam free? I don’t see any difference between giving him a day off and giving him a few days off. And if I said he had four days off wouldn’t it be similar to telling him he had to wait four days for an orgasm? Similar in that he’d have four days of unrestricted sitting (no pinching) and peeing standing up (no need to worry if he’s centered or might spray all over the place), but there’s an end date looming in the distance. On the one hand he’d be looking forward to a date and on the other hand not so much looking forward to a date. And, let me be clear, he will have a date to be recaged. Maybe he can earn his wild days. I’ll have to give this more thought.

Also last night, I was a little frisky. I knew I was competing with the television again, but sometimes Lion can’t take a hint. In his defense, I didn’t actually say I wanted his attention. In my defense, I was all over him. Also in my defense, it’s sometimes difficult for me to ask for attention especially since my libido has been in the crapper. I don’t want to spook it and make it go into hiding again. So when Lion went for the Oreo’s I knew it was game over. This has been an ongoing issue for us and obviously we haven’t solved it.

His idea to try every night was too much pressure for me and ultimately a lot of rejection for him. Unlike him, I’m pretty sure that when I initiate he’ll be horny. There have only been a few times when he’s turned me down. And when I say he’s turned me down it wasn’t actually me he was turning down. By that I mean, he was the one on the receiving end and he wasn’t horny. Not that I was horny and he turned me down.

So along with my goal of waking up my libido, I have to figure out how to tell Lion that it might be waking up somewhat. Sometimes I tell him that I feel it during the day. But by the time we get home, and dinner and dishes are done, and we get settled in, it’s gone. I guess we have to make it more of a priority. Sex before dinner. Sex as soon as he walks in the door. Well, that doesn’t seem plausible. But we certainly need to figure it out. Maybe I should have instituted the “When Lion is turned on the tv is turned off” rule on my own behalf. Turning the tv off will certainly get his attention.