Lion is Back

After a few weeks of dormancy, Lion is horny again. Apparently it was the latest orgasm that did it. Maybe it primed the pump, so to speak. He said he was horny the day after his orgasm. Success!

The only issue so far with his resurrected libido is that I drove close to six hours yesterday and he wanted attention. Yawn! I was tired. Luckily he settled for some light playing with his balls and cock through the cage. He did make a comment about the shortened cage not being conducive to touching him. This is another example of being careful what you ask for. He wanted the shorter cage so he could pee sitting down. I guess he gave up the ability to be played with through the cage for that.

Tonight Lion will get more attention. I don’t have specific plans yet but I’m sure he will enjoy it. Of course, he may not enjoy it at the time. He’s fond of saying that. I’m not sure if I believe him. Mr. Weenie springs to attention in defiance. I guess it’s possible to be turned on while not exactly enjoying it. This is another thing that is hard to wrap my mind around. But I know by now that it doesn’t have to make sense to me in order for me to do it to him. It’s just one more reason to laugh at him.