Common Sense

Lion penis in new, shorter catge
My shortened cage is 1/2 inch shorter than the old one. Note that now all of my penis, including the entire head is touching the cage. It is completely comfortable and now I can pee standing up since my urethra is centered in the square opening. Click the image for a larger view.

(Tuesday, July 8, 2014) Mrs. Lion rejected the idea of a formal agreement proposed a few days ago. I really don’t mind. She’s been great about being sensitive to how I am feeling and adjusting her activities to make things work for both of us. She has also been much stronger in orchestrating how things go sexually between us. I love that. She is always surprising me with when I get to orgasm. Over the last few days I have come three times after a twelve day wait. It’s been a lot of fun. Last night when I got out of the shower I found that she had a pile of clothespins on the bed.

I lay down on my back and Mrs. Lion proceeded to put clothespins along the length of my erect penis. Did I mention that I got hard almost at once. My Lioness had removed the cage so I could clean up in the shower. All I did was clean up too; no erections or other unauthorized activities. The clothespins were quite painful in a very exciting way as she could see. Oh boy! After spending some time experimenting with where it hurt the most, she removed the pins and teased me. I can’t really say how many times I was brought to the edge. Finally, she kept rubbing and I knew I would come. I told her but she didn’t stop. I had my third orgasm in four days. Whew!

We were away this past weekend and I had prewritten most of my posts. On Wednesday evening I picked up my shortened Mature Metal Jail Bird. The cage looks very short. Mrs. Lion put it on me when I got home. At first it was difficult for her to get me into it, but over the weekend it became routine. The shorter cage has the head of my penis pressed firmly against the cage at all times. This keeps my urethra nicely aimed inside the square opening in front. It still “wanders” a bit and can be too close to one side or the other to assure a spray-free pee, but by and large it is easy to pee standing up. The big difference is that since the cage is so short, I have to move my balls out of the way when I pee or I end up giving them a shower.

I wore my shock collar most of the weekend. On one occasion Mrs. Lion needed to correct me for interrupting her. The jolt instantly let me know I had done wrong. This is a very effective teaching tool for me. Unfortunately, after sitting for a long time, the collar or the buckle (like a seat belt’s) tends to pinch and become very uncomfortable. However, when I have it on I can’t forget that no matter where she is (within about 300 yards), Mrs. Lion can zap me with the flick of a finger. She did that a few times just for fun.

I think we are settling into our new chastity lifestyle now. We both continue to go through new issues but resolution is much simpler. It is beginning to sink in that I am not in control. Mrs. Lion has commented on my desire for predictability and her wish for a more casual, spur-of-the-moment approach to life. We keep finding compromises that we can both live with.

We get comments about things like compromises because in the purist sense, there are no compromises, the keyholder rules. This is correct, but like all other power exchanges, if the top completely disregards the bottom’s personality and needs, the effectiveness of the power exchange will suffer and both will be unhappy. So, yes, Mrs. Lion’s word is law. If she wants me to wait a month or more, I will. I have no choice. If she wants to get me off every day, she can. I will help in both cases. It’s my role. We accept that. But if she tries something new, say feeding me raisins (I hate raisins), I will have to eat them, but will be unhappy; not unhappy in the good way a bottom is when the top forces something painful or unwanted, but unhappy in the sense of pure disgust. Of course, feeding me raisins as punishment is within a sensible top/bottom relationship since I hate them and will remember what happens when I do something wrong. It must have been something unthinkably bad to do that to a poor lion.