A Dry Spell

Lion found a sexual oasis after five, long days waiting. I’ve learned to laugh at his mumbling and grumbling.

That means several things to me right now. We just got home from a weekend away with no cell phone or internet service. To an internet addict like me it was torture! Lion had some fun. Mrs Lion had none.

As you know, Lion had an orgasm last Sunday in his sling. Then I made him wait. I wasn’t sure how long he was going to wait, but I was having fun laughing at his mumbling and grumbling. Friday night he asked if I could take him out even if it wasn’t for an orgasm. I agreed. It was in the back of my mind that maybe he should only get to come when we are away. That works out to once every few weeks, although I think there are a few weekends in a row we have planned away. Can Lion make it that long? I’m sure he’ll be fine. Mumbling and grumbling, but fine. Do I really want him knowing that he just has to wait to the next trip for an orgasm? Probably not. But Friday night I decided it was his lucky night.

After five long days, an eternity for a horny Lion, it took a little bit of work to get him going. I almost had to do mouth to cock resuscitation. Finally I got him hard and started playing with him. I don’t think I officially edged him. I stroked and stopped and stroked and stopped. Each time I told him I knew he wasn’t close. Then, for whatever reason, I decided I really wanted to do the mouth to cock resuscitation. I was merrily sucking away when Lion, good boy that he is, reported that if I didn’t stop he was going to come. I didn’t stop. Needless to say he was a very happy Lion.

I’m not sure when he started, but Lion has been initiating sex every night. On Friday night he did not. It was a long day. I had driven a lot and I was tired. He got his orgasm and I was perfectly fine not getting any attention. Saturday night he fell asleep watching television. By the time he woke up, I was tired. Before he fell asleep he said he was sorry he hadn’t initiated and asked if that was ok. As I said in a previous post, I’m not sure how I feel about him trying every night, but I’m happy he’s making an effort. You know what they say, the best laid plans of mice and men…. Stuff happens. He’s tired. I’m tired. So it didn’t happen. It will. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow night. We’ll get back on track. Two things are certain. He’s in his cage and I’m still in charge. That’s all that matters.