A Demanding Mrs. Lion (NOT!)

One of the key aspects of my forced chastity fantasy is being required to please my keyholder. I just love the idea of her demanding me to service her. I fear this is one fantasy aspect that will be very difficult to make real. The biggest reason is that I genuinely want to please Mrs. Lion with or without the cage. This really came home to me when I got an email from her this afternoon (she and I exchange text messages and emails all the time). She wrote that she was sorry we aren’t together because she was feeling a bit horny. My instant reply was that I can cure that condition after we are home.

I thought about that exchange a bit and realized that all either of us has to do is express a wish and the other will move heaven and earth to make it come true.This goes way beyond sex or forced chastity. It is just how we relate to one another. She and I have very different takes on how this works out. I try to be careful about saying what I want because I don’t want to make her sad if she can’t fulfill it. She avoids asking for anything partly out of her past relationship where she was made to feel bad about her choices, and partly because she doesn’t want me to go out of my way. She also has a lifelong unwillingness to expect anything. This is based on the premise that if you don’t ever expect anything, you won’t be disappointed. That issue has probably caused us the most difficulty.

My fantasy involves a stern Mrs. Lion demanding me to do things for and to her. Well, Mrs. Lion is not stern and is never demanding. I really don’t want her to change. My fantasy would be fulfilled if instead of demanding, she just expressed desires or wishes and let me be her magic genie making them come true. I know this is very hard for her. A wish is, after all, an expectation of sorts. Similarly, it’s very difficult for her to even imagining making rules for me and enforcing them. She is entirely too sweet.

I truly don’t want her to turn into someone else. We just need to be creative and work out ways to make us both happy. For example, sending me an afternoon email expressing that she is horny is absolutely perfect for me. She may be expressing an observation and knows that it will make me happy to learn about it. I, on the other hand, see it as an opportunity to serve my true love and keyholder. It’s a win-win.

As you’ve read in our prior posts, we don’t necessarily view the same events in the same way. This is a perfect case in point. We definitely see her observation differently. She told me how she was feeling with no expectation that I would do anything about it. I read it as a wish I could make come true. We are both right.

Mrs. Lion has been working very hard to be the top and keyholder I want and need. I am incredibly grateful for her efforts. I, in turn, am learning to use her communications as my keyholder’s wish to her lion. I know she didn’t intend that and would be perfectly happy if i didn’t react as a wish-granter. But it makes me very happy to be able to provide pleasure for her.

Years ago when I had a full-time slave (submissive – she self-identified as a slave) we both observed that it’s impossible to be a stern master and be in love with his slave. It’s true. People in love just want to make each other happy. It has nothing to do with selfishness, value exchanges or anything else. We just get joy by pleasing each other. A fantasy keyholder is a distant, strict, impartial owner of her chaste male’s sexuality. My wife isn’t any of those things. We both know that. But out of love for me she is willing to take on as much of that role as she can because it makes me happy. Isn’t that great?

Fortunately, I am not looking for that distant dominatrix who controls all of my life and supervises my every action. I want sexual control. It doesn’t have to be mean or unrelenting. It can be a fun part of our sex life and nothing more. In her Thursday post she explained her take on getting something in return for locking me up. It’s worth reading if you haven’t. She summed up exactly what it means to top someone you love.

I am a very lucky lion, indeed.