Based on our posts, it would be easy to get the impression that Mrs. Lion and I discuss male chastity, FLR, and domestic discipline constantly. In fact, it doesn’t come up very often at all. There really isn’t a lot to talk about. She likes to hear if I am horny and if it hurts to sit after a spanking. Beyond that, everything is either understood or doesn’t need my input.

I like talking about these topics. Being the target/object of all the activities, I like the feeling of participation I get when we discuss them. Mrs. Lion indulges me sometimes, but clearly sees no need for conversation. I know my explicit rules. I also understand that I need to be respectful to Mrs. Lion. That’s not rocket science and doesn’t need analysis.

If I break a rule or otherwise commit an offense, Mrs. Lion will let me know I will be punished. Again, I don’t need any more information. I can ask what I did to earn the punishment. Mrs. Lion will tell me. I certainly shouldn’t ask when she plans to spank me. She’ll let me know when she is ready. I don’t need any further instruction. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to have a longer conversation about it. But that is just my desire to talk about a favorite subject.

One thing I have asked Mrs. Lion to do is to treat spanking me as just another needed task. I don’t think it should be special or require any more of her time than it takes to administer it. The other day that’s exactly what she did. She didn’t care about earlier conversations about which paddle has what effect. According to her, she just selected one she thought would hurt me (they all do!) and then spanked me with the single objective of causing me pain and hopefully having me continue to feel that pain for a day or more later. That was it.

When she finished, she just told me that she was done and put her paddle away. That’s it. Not another word. She didn’t solicit feedback about how much it hurt. She didn’t offer to tell me much about the condition of my bottom beyond noting there were just a few blood spots. My skin tends to split a little during a spanking. There are no visible sores or scabs. A little blood appears. This bleeding doesn’t signal a bruise or other lasting mark. Mrs. Lion has learned to ignore it.

This rather impersonal approach to punishing me has an effect. It makes me realize that spanking is the inevitable result of an offense. There is no BDSM component. Mrs. Lion is not emotional about it. It’s her job to punish me and she does it. She isn’t interested in how I like it. She wants to hurt me enough to think twice about repeating the offense. My only input was when I managed to get into trouble. After that, it is clear that I have absolutely no input.

She knows when to lock me up

While we aren’t quite there yet, the same is true about wearing a male chastity device. Mrs. Lion is starting to let me know that she doesn’t need me to tell her if I am wild. In the past, she would forget to lock me up after play. Unless I reminded her that I was wild, I could stay unlocked for a day or more. Now, she remembers and tells me when to put the base ring on. A little later she locks me into my cage. No input from me is required.

I like this. I tend to overshare and try to participate in things that don’t require my input. Apparently lioness 4.0 has no need to hear from me. I suppose the next logical step is to punish me if I stick my nose in where it isn’t wanted. I get the feeling she is thinking along those lines. I’m not going to ask her. I’m not that stupid.

There’s been some confusion around here. At least, I think there has. Maybe I’m the one who’s confused. Lion’s ability to get aroused after an orgasm has taken more and more time. I proposed an experiment to see if he’d be hornier if he’s locked in a cage. We were rolling along until the dog chewed the cage. The new one is expected next Monday and the experiment will continue. In the meantime, Lion has been snoozing more and generally not that interested in sex. Until the other night, that is. He was horny then, but I digress. The lengthier refractory period means his wait times have lengthened as well. Before these issues, he waited four to ten days on average. I don’t know what his average is now, but he only had three orgasms in August. I guess that’s still within the average, but it seems low to me. Apparently, it’s not low to Lion. [Lion comments — The average from 2016 until mid-July 2020 was 6 days. Since July it has been 13 days.]

After I previewed Lion’s post for this morning, I asked if he wanted me to make him wait longer between orgasms. He said he does. What? I suppose there’s really no conflict between wanting to decrease the refractory period and making him wait longer, but I’m confused. In his previous posts, I thought he was saying he wanted to come more often. The refractory period was making him wait too long. I must have misunderstood. How long has he been unhappy with his wait times? I didn’t ask. I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that he wants to wait longer.

Since I don’t keep track of his wait times, I was thinking of dragging out the calendars that we used to signal when he would have a scheduled orgasm. I think I kept them when we moved. When I shared what I was thinking about, Lion said he didn’t think the blocks would work. He likes the idea of a dry erase board better. In either case, I’ve made a rule that it’s his job to keep that number up to date. I need to be able to look at it and know where we are in the journey. Of course, I haven’t asked how long he wants to wait so I don’t have a target in mind, but when I do I’ll have the current wait time available.

Naturally, I can make him come any time I edge him. I’m not suggesting he’s ruling the roost. But I am trying to make him happy so if he wants to wait longer, we’ll wait longer; unless I want an orgasm sooner. He said something about double-digit numbers and I jokingly told him we need to accommodate triple digits. He thought that was getting carried away. Well, you know, he has to be very careful. He said he wants to wait longer with no qualifiers. I might just take that to heart and make him wait longer than he ever imagined.

Silly boy.

[Lion comments — I don’t want to decide how long I should wait. Mrs. Lion has had difficulty getting me to the edge until we got to nearly two weeks. When I finally made it that far, she has let me ejaculate either the first time I was at the edge or the day after. I figure it might be more fun to push it for a while. I might be sorry I asked to wait longer, but I did and now I will bear the consequences.]

We finally played Spankardy on Saturday night. Mrs. Lion wrote about it in her post yesterday. I ended up getting 34 swats at the end of the game. Mrs. Lion used her conveyor belt paddle to administer them. It wasn’t bad at all. I guess my hide is toughening up from disciplinary spankings. I admit that during the game I was a bit worried about paying the price. The NFL game swats were quite painful. One way or another I am sure that Mrs. Lion will make Spankardy swats more memorable.

Saturday was a canning day. We made two batches of blueberry jam and a double batch of bread and butter pickles. We had a lot of cucumbers left over so we made another double batch of bread and butter pickles on Sunday. Now we have enough for Christmas presents as well as for our own consumption.

This is uncharacteristically domestic behavior for us. The last time we made jam was over a decade ago. Back then, we also tried canning apricots. That didn’t work out very well and a couple of dozen jars ended up in the trash when we moved. This year we have been much more successful. Our blueberry and raspberry jam is too good to share. The pickles are fine too. Still, I doubt this is the beginning of a trend. We are not domesticated, just hungry.

I wasn’t interested in sex on Saturday night. I’m not sure why. When this happens I always worry that maybe I’m losing interest for good. Mrs. Lion’s loss of interest spooked me. If she can lose interest, so can I. That would be sad and make our blog a lot less interesting. I have limited tolerance for homemaker discussions.

The reprint of my Evotion Orion male chastity device is shipping out on Tuesday. If Donald Trump’s postal service isn’t too screwed up, I might get it next week. Mrs. Lion let me know that I will be going back into it as soon as we get it. She wants to continue testing her theory that I am much more interested in sex if I am kept in a male chastity device. Before the dog chewed up my pink Evotion, it looked like she might be on to something. I’m not sure. It could be the novelty of being back in a chastity device that is turning me on. I will have to wear it for more than a month before we can get a real idea of whether it works as Mrs. Lion thinks.

There is logic to her thinking. I like bondage and a male chastity device locked on my penis certainly counts. So far I really look forward to being locked up again. We will have to see if I stay that interested. It doesn’t really matter if I want to be locked up or not. That is completely up to Mrs. Lion. In the recent past, she has let me decide, within reason, if I come out or not. Lioness 3.0 may not be so willing to do as I wish.

That brings up a new question: Will being “forced” to stay locked in a chastity device after I ask to get out charge my sexual battery? It very well might. I like feeling Mrs. Lion’s control. This is another experimental parameter for her to explore. Meanwhile, I can look forward to some long-term lockup.

I am getting fewer orgasms this year. So far I’ve ejaculated 25 times this year. Last year at the end of August it was 34. Mrs. Lion hasn’t been reducing my allocation. It’s primarily due to my inability to be edged until a week or more after my last orgasm. That’s not entirely correct. I probably can be edged, but the time and effort it takes are too much for both of us.

Aside from that, Mrs. Lion seems comfortable with this slower pace. I’m averaging about one orgasm every two weeks. She’s said that the appropriate wait between orgasms is 7 to 10 days. This longer wait seems to increase the amount of semen I produce. Mrs. Lion likes this increase. I expect she will make this longer wait permanent. It will probably become 14 to21 days.

Looking back, this change seems to fit my sexual cycle quite well. There are times I want to ejaculate after only a few days, but based on the semen production and the time it takes to get me to the edge, this longer wait makes a lot of sense. If my sexual clock changes again, Mrs. Lion will notice. However, I don’t think she will change things. She likes having me horny.

Speaking of waits, the reprint of my Evotion male chastity device should be arriving any day now. When we get it I will be locked up again. Mrs. Lion decided not to lock me in my Jail Bird while we wait for the Evotion cage to arrive. My urethra tends to drift and ends up straddling one of the bars. This causes a nasty spray when I pee. The Evotion cage keeps me centered and peeing nicely. I’m wild until the Evotion reprint arrives.

Mrs. Lion doesn’t mind if I play with my penis as long as I don’t get close to the edge of orgasm. I rarely do this, but it is a temptation while I am wild. I don’t wear any clothing at home so access is unfettered. Once locked in a male chastity device, even the possibility of touching is eliminated.

Like most men, I’m fond of my penis. I like the way it looks and feels when it is hard. I think it is particularly attractive when hairless. I’ve never been very fond of genital hair. For the record, hairy or not, I like the way Mrs. Lion looks. She is natural and has rather light, sparse pubic hair. I’m very glad that the current trend is to remove pubic hair.

I’ve just completed migrating the blog to the cloud. As things like this go, it was pretty painless. Our site should be loading faster. We will be saving some money. That’s particularly important now.