Whatever was wrong with me is going away. I’m not falling asleep before noon. My sex drive hasn’t returned. That makes being a sex blogger more difficult. Maybe it’s not gone, just waiting for something new to happen. I’m not having any sexual fantasies. The closest thing to having one is when I go to sleep imagining that Mrs. Lion is spooning with me. My impulse is comfort, not orgasm. That’s just not going to cut it on our sex blog.

Enough whining. Sex, aside from being a primal need, is also a pretty interesting form of human transaction. The transactional nature is particularly visible in the world of kink. Male chastity is an excellent example. To an outside observer, the practice looks like the sexual enslavement of a hapless male. His penis is only available for urination. Erections and ejaculation are prevented by cruel devices locked around his penis.

OK, students, who benefit from enforced control of the male? If you read the male chastity stuff on the Internet, it’s obviously the cruel woman who holds the key to the lock on his male chastity device. She can use his desperation to get sexual release to make him do anything she wants. Ejaculation comes at a price.

Question: Who gets aroused reading about this power exchange? The woman? Is male chastity a way to stack the sexual deck so that she can get orgasms on demand? Is it a way to finally get him to do the laundry? That doesn’t make sense. In the first case, how many women want to believe that the only way to get their mates to please them sexually is to blackmail them into doing it? Yuck. How many men would agree to be locked up if the only way they could get off was by doing non-sexual chores?

See where this is going? The real transaction is that it’s exciting to some men to feel that their partners control their sexual pleasure. It’s a game, a boy game initiated by the male. If you think about it in that context, it makes sense. Sure, the male is kept from sexual pleasure for a while, sometimes a long time. He still gives his partner attention. She knows it isn’t because she has the key. It’s because he is her partner and wants to please her.

Mrs. Lion and I have continuously played this game for over eight years. We do it knowing full well that we will do anything for one another, game or no game. Mrs. Lion plays because she knows that I like it because she loves me. I am grateful.

I don’t write as much as I used to about male chastity. When it was new, I was fascinated by the feelings of being locked in a chastity device evoked. Desire was amplified. I wanted to ejaculate now! Over time, those feelings subsided. Wearing a steel device around my penis became less of a novelty. It was just part of me. I stopped thinking about jerking off. I still got horny. My penis would try to get hard inside its cage. That amused Mrs. Lion.

Eventually, that stopped too. I only got hard when Mrs. Lion stimulated me after removing the device. After three years of continuous lockup, I forgot that I could get myself off. That’s a good thing because my lioness forbids it. Sans hardware, my chastity is enforced by Mrs. Lion’s power. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to get myself off. I haven’t done it since December 2013.

If you fantasize about this sort of sexual control, you may want to rethink your kink. Based on my experience, there’s no turning back once you go this way. I am not controlling my desire to get myself off with willpower or commitment to my lioness. I am no longer interested in doing it. If she asked me to jerk off, I doubt I would be successful. I’ve been conditioned away from self-gratification.

The same is true of domestic discipline. For the first few years, it was sexy fun. Well, I didn’t get turned on by being spanked, but I got excited thinking about it. I sometimes get aroused thinking about spanking, but it is an infrequent event. Punishment is simply part of our marriage. Most of the readers of this blog probably consider spanking sexually motivated. That’s normal and a very good incentive to keep up with the practice.

Eventually, DD becomes a routine activity. If I break a rule or annoy Mrs. Lion, I get spanked. There is no fuss or ceremony. She brings out the spanking bench. I lie on it, and she straps me down. Then, I get my punishment. One offense gets me ten minutes of strong spanking. Additional offenses earn me an additional five minutes for each one.

There is nothing fun about it. Mrs. Lion considers spanking me as a task she does routinely. It doesn’t turn her on. She isn’t moved by how much the spanking hurts me. I usually make a lot of noise that she ignores.

My point is that if you consistently do something, it will eventually become a routine part of your life. Be careful what you ask for.

Today is New Year’s Eve. It’s a day to reflect on the past year. In most ways, 2021 is a year most of us want to forget. COVID got in the way of nearly anything people wanted to do. Mrs. Lion and I hunkered down and avoided contact with others. My lioness was permitted to work from home. We love each other’s company. In that sense, things are better for us.

My vision has deteriorated a little more. It’s more difficult for me to do simple things like cook. With Mrs. Lion as my sous chef, I made most of our Christmas dinner. I had a great time cooking with her. I miss being able to cook. Maybe in 2022, we can plan to work together in the kitchen more often. Tonight’s dinner will be a pot roast we will prepare. Yum!

2021 is our eighth year practicing male chastity and our fifth of domestic discipline. Our blog is celebrating its eighth anniversary in February. As of today, we have written 5,386 posts. This makes our blog one of the largest, if not the largest male chastity blog in the world. We may hold a record in other categories as well.

The blog continues to provide us with opportunities to communicate with each other and with you. Our daily posts accurately chronicle our evolution. In one sense, it’s not a good thing. Newcomers may find what we write now less useful in helping them get into our kink. We have some static pages (menu is across the top of our pages) designed to help with subjects that many of our readers want to see. The ones on male chastity are among the most popular search engine referrals.

We lost our beloved golden retriever, Daisy, in 2021. It was incredibly painful for both of us. A month or so after she passed, we got a golden retriever puppy. She’s totally different from our previous goldens. At seven weeks, she housebroke herself and had relatively few accidents in the house. She’s a nut and gets frantic a few times a day. This has been difficult for us. We both hope she will settle down soon.

Things that used to be challenging for Mrs. Lion are now routine. She considers spanking me as an everyday task. She has no remorse for making my bottom sore for days after a spanking. She says that it isn’t fun for her but doesn’t bother her. Domestic discipline is completely assimilated into our marriage.

I’m happy that we started all this. Our blog has connected us with great people. Male chastity and domestic discipline add richness to our lives. If you had asked us in 2014 if we would be permanently doing all this. We both would have laughed. I guess the laugh is on us.

There’s no need for me to masturbate. If Mrs. Lion wants to save energy, she can always use her Magic Wand.

Cold and snow blanket us here in the Pacific Northwest. National weather forecasts acknowledge we exist. They do in the context of our weather will be moving east. Oh well. The weather indoors was decidedly hotter than usual. Mrs. Lion treated me to a warm blanket of clothespins painfully attached to my balls. She pulled them off one by one, taking breaks to masturbate me to keep me nice and hard.

When the clothespins were all gone, she treated me to some delightful oral sex. Then she asked me if I wanted my birthday fuck. Naturally, I agreed. It was easier said than done. Our bodies weren’t in proper alignment, and we decided to try again another day. After all, what’s a day or two when it’s been 1,412 days since the last time I came inside my lioness. I’m very grateful for this increase in sexual activity. It makes me feel much closer to Mrs. Lion.

There isn’t much new on the male chastity device market. I’m not counting the dozens of derivative devices out of China. Maybe the flood of cheap, not-too-uncomfortable Chinese male chastity devices has killed the custom device market. Or, it could be that there are just so many ways to lock up a penis before anything “new” is almost the same as existing products.

It also might be that the male chastity market is saturated. It’s easy for anyone interested to google his way through endless information on the subject. Let’s face it, male chastity is a fairly esoteric kink. Only so many men want their penises locked up. Another reason the male chastity hardware business may have peaked is because those of us who have practiced it for years often no longer need hardware. The combination of consistent control by our partners and long-term wear of a chastity device will train any desire for independent release out of the best of us.

I, for example, haven’t masturbated in over eight years. I don’t think about it anymore. Mrs. Lion is my only source of release. A male chastity device is no longer necessary. It took a while for me to get to this point. I was locked in a device 24/7 for over three years. I was only unlocked for sexual attention by my lioness or occasional cleaning. This consistent application of enforced orgasm control has conditioned me very effectively.

Once in a while, Mrs. Lion will mention that she was considering letting me jerk off under her watchful eye. She always rejects that idea. It makes no sense and is potentially going to retrain me to do something she spent years training me not to do. It’s not like she enjoys watching me masturbate. She can always use her Magic Wand if she wants to save energy.