Same Old

It is noon on Tuesday, and our poor dog is still in the hospital. The vet called to report that she is doing well and not in pain. They are waiting for the ultrasound team to arrive and look at the pup’s intestines. She may have a blockage that needs surgical removal. I sure hope she doesn’t. The bill for her care keeps rising. The ultrasound alone is $300. Surgery, if she needs it, will be over $4,000. Fortunately, we have Trupanion insurance for her. It pays ninety percent of all this with no limit. Still, our ten percent will be very hard for us. I just want my happy puppy back. We haven’t done any spanking or sex because we are both very worried. We are lucky that we found such a good vet.

I keep hoping for more variety in all areas of our lives. Our restraints were only used once. Mrs. Lion writes about them but doesn’t use the. Sex is very limited. I suppose it has to be since Mrs. Lion doesn’t want any. I crave something new. We eat pretty much the same food every day. I’m not really able to cook since my limited vision makes it very hard to find things in the kitchen. We used to get a few dinners a week from Hello Fresh, but they became monotonous and expensive. There are no new rules for me. I don’t know what I can do.

I think Mrs. Lion is bored too. Her new job keeps her busy and frustrated as she learns it. My role is more of a chore for her than anything else. I’m very tempted to withdraw and work to minimize the things she needs to do for me. That might make her life better. Yes, that seems like a good plan. I hope the dog gets home soon. I love her company.