More Snuggling, Stat

The past few days have been sort of strange. Lion has been snoozing a lot. I didn’t spank him Friday night because he asked me to put it off another day. Yesterday, we watched TV and snoozed a lot. We ate late and that cut into the evening. I thought about spanking him Saturday since it was punishment day again, but our timing was off. I sank back into my iPad while he snoozed and even after he wasn’t snoozing anymore. I didn’t write a post yesterday. It was just a weird day.

I know Lion is feeling down about his writing. Even if you know it’s incredibly hard to get published, it can be depressing when those offers don’t come rolling in. I don’t know what to do. I’m not an editor. I’m not a creative writing teacher. In my youth, I wanted to be a writer. I doubt I would have ever been as good as Lion is. Maybe what I need to do is go back to “school”, as Lion has in taking courses to learn how to perfect his writing, and learn how to become an editor. Obviously, I’m not changing careers, but it might help him if I can learn to critique him effectively. Right now all I do is tell him I like it or ask dumb questions. It can’t hurt to try.

I don’t know what else is on the agenda for today, but I think we need to spend some time snuggling today. Even if it doesn’t lead to anything else, it will give us some much-needed touching. Maybe it will help Lion feel a little better. I know it won’t magically make him un-depressed. But there’s something about being close to the person who loves you no matter what that feels good even if only for a few minutes.

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