A Subtle Change ↑

I slightly changed our site logo (on top of the web page). It better reflects the direction our blog has taken. It used to list “chastity devices” first. We don’t get many to review after nearly a decade. There simply aren’t any really new designs as far as I can tell. Male orgasm control remains a major topic. It’s also something we’ve practiced since starting the blog. I haven’t had one unsupervised orgasm since 2014. Mrs. Lion has produced every single one since December 2013.

Domestic discipline is up on the masthead. We practice it and talk about it a lot. Spanking remains prominent. It’s part of domestic discipline, but it also exists as a stand-alone activity. We have a lot of material about chastity devices and how to live with them so they remain on top. We need to acknowledge that our direction has changed a bit over the years.

The word “male” belongs in front of each item on the masthead. It looks unnecessary if I put it there. We’ve learned that all of those activities are different when it comes to which gender is on the receiving end. Spanking a man is functionally different from spanking a woman. The difference is partially physical. Men seem to have thicker hides than women. Spanking a man requires more force and time than for a female. How do I know? I’ve spanked dozens of women over the years. It isn’t that they can’t take as much. Many can take a lot more than this man. It’s that the application of force is different.

The other big difference is that some (many?) women can orgasm during a spanking. The pain is often overpowered by sexual stimulation the swats provide. Female sex parts are internal and can “feel” the movement and vibration of a spanking. We males don’t have that anatomy, and spanking is pure pain to most of us. The posts we offer on male (me!) spanking are not unisex.

Most domestic discipline is practiced with the female being disciplined. Our brand has emerged fairly recently. Traditional DD is often part of various Christian sects that preach a patriarchal home with the man of the house punishing his wife as needed. This isn’t necessarily consensual. Tradition replaces consent in that context.

Our brand of domestic discipline is consensual. It’s usually initiated by the member of the couple who wants to be disciplined. It can be either partner. We write about the male version, where the man is disciplined by his partner. I’m the disciplined male in our marriage. (Julie, of Strict Julie Spanked, writes about it from the disciplined female point of view.) I asked Mrs. Lion to become my disciplinary wife. She’s learned how to be very good in this role.

We’ve rarely written about consent. The fantasies about domestic discipline and male chastity suggest that once given, it can’t be revoked. This is never the case. The disciplined or locked-up male has to consent. Mrs. Lion can’t force me to lie on the spanking bench. Once I’m on it, I’m usually strapped down, so I can’t change my mind. I can always safeword. More subtle forces prevent the withdrawal of consent in real life. I get sexually aroused thinking about being spanked. This is a common thread in both sexes. That inner heat draws me to the spanking bench like a powerful magnet. Once I’m trapped in its grip, I’m usually sorry but can’t escape.

We both continue with male orgasm control and domestic discipline because it works for us. For medical reasons, we suspended DD, and both of us missed it. I don’t think either of us understands exactly why, but we are happier with DD and orgasm control. It’s become a welcome part of our lives.

Anyway, that’s why I changed our masthead. It reflects where we are now, in our ninth year of blogging.