Sex is complicated when only one partner wants it. If we both want orgasms, one of us could do sexual things to arouse the other. For example, it’s been 24 days (as of Monday) since my last orgasm. I want sex. Duh! Aside from the obvious issue that I don’t get to decide when I can ejaculate, I have no way to help the process along. So, all sexual activity falls on Mrs. Lion.

The problem is that since she gets no feeling out of sexual activity, she has no incentive to find ways to arouse me. For example, the other night, we were snuggling. It was asexual and very nice. I suggested she might want to use her hand a bit lower on my body. She took the hint and played with my penis. Sounds good so far, right? Well, not exactly. I’ve learned that the usual way she likes to play with it isn’t very successful in getting me hard. She seems to find it more difficult to use her hand the way that works best for me.

I’m not saying that eventually, things work. It’s just that it doesn’t feel like she wants to do what works for me. The reason isn’t that she doesn’t want me to have fun. It’s probably that she isn’t focusing on arousing me. I imagine she figures that if I really want sex, I’ll get hard no matter how she touches me. That’s true sometimes. It isn’t how it feels to me.

I could get more aroused if I was arousing her. It’s exciting to turn my lioness on. I can’t do that now, so I am dependent on her turning me on without me reciprocating. You’d think that after all these years of her disinterest in sex, I would be fine with whatever she does. I thought I would be. I’m not. Snuggling with some random penis action doesn’t work well anymore. I guess Mrs. Lon has to go for the gold to turn me on. She knows how. I taught her the last time I got to jerk off.

She has good reasons not to use her hand the way I like. It requires shoulder motion that can hurt when she is lying with her head on my chest. Still, just a little goes a long way. So does remembering my other erotic zones. I love my balls tickled, my perineum stroked, and a finger or two in my butt. It’s odd to hear a guy talk this way, but the truth is that over the years, Mrs. Lion seems to have forgotten most of that. While she sucks me, she might tug on my balls. That’s fun. There’s other stuff she can do while she’s in the neighborhood. Things have gotten a little routine, I guess.

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