The Key To Getting Your Butt Spanked

I know that I’m very lucky. It’s extremely rare for two people to complement one another the way Mrs. Lion and I do. It was a very lucky accident, one of those right-place, right-time situations when we met. For the record, it wasn’t obvious in the beginning that we were meant for each other. Based on our backgrounds, it would be very unlikely that anyone would think we would make a good couple.

I credit Mrs. Lion for our success. She has been willing to try anything, no matter how weird, that I suggest. Believe me, I make weird suggestions. It’s more than our sex life. It goes way beyond any power exchange. The real secret has nothing to do with any of this. I think the key can be summarized in one word: trust.

How do you get into a relationship where one partner can spank the other any time she wants? As many people have found out, it’s very difficult. The problem isn’t that there’s any fundamental moral or physical issue with spanking. It’s a lack of trust. Let’s say a guy, like me, wants his wife to spank him. He reads about all the people who have relationships that include it. He wants to try it.

His partner thinks it might be fun and agrees. She tells him what to do. He freaks out. He doesn’t trust that she won’t take over his life. The more common situation is that his wife doesn’t want to spank him because she’s not sure he will accept it. He might get violent and hit her because she hurt him. Worse, he may not want to be with her anymore. It all comes down to trust.

As Mrs. Lion will tell you, I’m independent and not particularly submissive. Yet, I’m perfectly happy to let her take charge and punish me as she sees fit. There’s no question that I like this arrangement. I’m very sure I wouldn’t like it if I felt oppressed. I’m willing to give her the sort of unconditional control because I know she loves me and wants me to be happy.

That’s the key. She wants me to be happy. Guess what? I want her to be happy. I want that more than anything else. I would hate it, but I would give up being spanked in a heartbeat if Mrs. Lion didn’t want to do it. I think that’s the reason it works for us. It’s very simple. We will do anything to make one another happy. In the process, we both end up having a very good time.