Missing the Boring, Old Routine

I was running around in circles last night, trying to get things ready for the junk removal company. Lion asked what was for dinner. I told him I didn’t care since I was packing. He said he’d fix something. And then he fell asleep.

After dinner, I was giving my back a rest before taking care of the dishes. When I came out from my shower we started to watch TV and then Lion was asleep again. He needs to get his days and nights figured out. He spends too much time sleeping during the day/evening and less time sleeping at night.

At any rate, we didn’t snuggle or anything. I thought about continuing his punishment but that was when my back hurt. It can wait. His buns aren’t going anywhere. I’m not sure I’ll feel like doing it tonight either. I still have lots to do. Tomorrow is another day.

I find myself daydreaming about being in the new house, all unpacked and everything is back to normal. In truth, it’ll probably take us till December to get most of the stuff unpacked. It’s just what we do. That’s not to say we won’t be functioning before then. Once we get the essentials unpacked we’ll get certain things back to normal. I’ll make sure at least one paddle gets unpacked quickly. Of course, we’ll be sleeping in the camper at least one night and I still have a stash of paddles in there.

I’m looking forward to the move being over and returning to our boring old routine. Not that our routine is boring. I’m just pushing Lion’s buttons. Our routine is comfortable. It’s not comfortable for Lion’s buns, but I like our routine. It’s not like I don’t throw surprises in here and there. I think he should never completely know what’s going on in terms of enforced chastity. When he gets teased or has an orgasm should be up to me. He thinks so too.

When it comes to punishment, he should have some idea what’s going on. He knows the rules. The only “rule” he can never be sure of is when he annoys me. That’s fairly random. I mean, he knows he shouldn’t interrupt, but there are many other ways he can annoy me. I don’t expect him to know them all. And, really, some things only annoy me at times. And he should never know how I’m going to punish him. Different paddles do different things. I can change where I hit him. I can add mouth soaping or corner time. The possibilities are endless.

[Lion — My sleep pattern is badly disrupted. I find myself falling asleep around midnight (after my TV-watching now) with Mrs. Lion. I am waking up at about 3 AM. Try as I will, I can’t get back to sleep quickly. I and up watching The Big Bang Theory reruns until 5 AM or later. I have no idea why this is happening. I suspect, like Mrs. Lion, worry over the move is waking me up.]