Northwest Paddling Festival

northwest paddling festival sign
This sign made Lion’s heart race a little.

Yesterday we were running errands and as we came off the highway we saw the sign shown to the right on the side of the ramp. Lion said, “Uh oh.” Of course it wasn’t what you might think it would be, you perverted souls. It was for kayaking, canoeing, etc. But Lion’s mind went there too.

Can you imagine seeing a sign like that for what you, and Lion, were actually thinking? I’m sure there would be more than a little confusion. How many people into paddle boarding would be very surprised to find out there was a different meaning for paddling? Perhaps some of them already know. Maybe they enjoy the double meaning.

Since we’re back on the subject of paddling, I’d like to take another shot at Julie’s spanking of her husband that may or may not end in tears. Lion says he remembers topping someone long ago and she ended up in tears. She said it was very cathartic. It brought feelings to a head that she was never able to get out any other way. Lion says he might need that too. I’m still reluctant to do it but I will if Lion needs it. I have no idea how I’ll feel afterwards and it has nothing to do with Lion being any less of a man if he cries. It’s that I did it to him. Yes, I know catharsis is a good thing. I should feel proud if I get him to a good point. I’m just not sure if I will actually feel good. Perhaps we’ll find out one of these days.

Tonight I think Lion may wind up with another orgasm. I’m not positive. It depends on how horny he is. I may also change my mind. He’s said he likes to know when an orgasm is possible whether he actually gets it or not. Well, tonight it’s possible. We’ll have to see if he actually gets it.