He Knows He’s Lucky

Whatever cold/flu we both had seems to be hanging on. We’re tired and not feeling our best. That doesn’t stand in the way of work or play but I wish we felt better.

Lion has been horny. The past few nights I’ve edged him perilously close to the point of no return. He’s been a panting mess. Last night I took pity on the poor boy. I stopped just after the edge and then started again so he could have an orgasm. I shared his cum with him. He doesn’t like the taste of it. I do. So why share it? Because I can. And because he doesn’t like it.

He said it was a pretty big orgasm. I’d edged him mercilessly for the last few nights. I hope it was a big one. In the past he’s said he wanted more of a build-up than a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. I’ve tried to accomplish that. Some clothespins and ball tying thrown in. Extra edging. And then I sneak up on him with an orgasm he never thought was actually going to come.

Lion informed me that he’d had a five day wait. That was his explanation for the big orgasm. He knows five days is nothing. It’s close to his optimum of four days but it’s certainly not a long wait. Even many married guys are on a seven day schedule. One a week. Many others are less fortunate. Lion knows he’s lucky even if he has to wait a long time. Other men may get more orgasms but he gets more attention. Near nightly attention. I don’t think he’d trade places with any one of them.

If he continues his current trend, Lion will be horny again tonight. If not tonight then tomorrow night. There’s no pressure from me. Lionesses love to lounge around waiting for the right time to hunt.

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