No Billboard

I’ll have to cancel this billboard.

Lion said he was horny yesterday. When we finally got to snuggling I couldn’t get him excited. He asked if we could try again later. I’ve taken this to be code for “not tonight dear”. Sometimes he feels he’s let me down when he’s not in the mood. It never bothers me. I think I’ve let him down.

We got some dessert, watched TV and Lion asked if I wanted to snuggle. I didn’t try to arouse him again. I figured if he wasn’t in the mood I didn’t want to make him feel like he had to be in the mood. Eventually I moved and Lion said something about getting my bag of tricks. OK. So maybe he was in the mood. I clothespinned his balls and Mr. Weenie sprang to attention. Weird. Maybe he just needed more than some stroking to get him going. Nope. He said he’d taken a pill.

Hmmm…. I don’t mind that he takes boner pills when he needs them. I don’t think it says anything about my ability to turn him on. My issue with boner pills is that I need to know when they’re in play. As far as I was concerned, trying later was not an ironclad request. I thought, especially since it was getting late, playtime was over. Sometimes we don’t communicate very well. Lion said he doesn’t like that he has to take boner pills and doesn’t want to advertise it. OK. I’ll cancel the billboard I had planned. But he should still share the information with me.

Round two of our play time ended with a very frustrated Lion. I got him oh-so-close several times. At least twice we both thought it was too far. Lion was almost sweating. He asked when he’d last had an orgasm and was surprised to find it had only been three days. The earliest he can come in the four-to-fourteen day wait scheme is today. And that’s not going to happen. Poor Lion.