Sensory Deprivation

I haven’t looked for the blindfold yet. I know I said I was going to. I have an idea where it is. I just can’t get to it. I used to make fun of my aunt whose spare bed always had things all over it. Karma is a bitch. Our spare bedroom is much worse. If we don’t know where to throw something to get it out of the way, we toss it in there. It’s beyond out of control.

I know I can use other things as blindfolds. If I had a silk scarf that would work well. I don’t. I might be able to use one of Lion’s ties although he may not like that idea. Wrinkles in his good ties. And I don’t think he has anything other than “good” ties. When he was in the sling I told him I could throw a towel over his face so he couldn’t see what was coming. He said that would be fine.

When I looked online for blindfolds I found all sorts. Somewhere we have a hood similar to one I saw on Extreme Restraints website. And I’m wondering if I can use a pillow case in a pinch. Since I’m not up for the excavating required to find the actual blindfold in the spare bedroom, a pillow case would definitely be easier. It would also be less confining, but I guess that’s one of the selling points for a hood.

Another thought that just ran through my mind is a cone of shame. You know, the ones dogs wear so they won’t lick stitches. It wouldn’t be as confining in some respects. It would certainly be humiliating. It would keep Lion form licking himself, that’s for sure! It would also keep him from seeing what’s going on down below. Just a thought.

Lion is back to his horny self after his orgasm on Saturday. He’s also still itching and uncomfortable. Any thoughts of making him uncomfortable sex-wise has to take into account the fact that he’s uncomfortable allergy-wise. I think a blindfold or pillow case could work. A hood would be too confining for him at this point. Yes, I do take his comfort into account even when I’m torturing him in other ways.

[Lion – Actually, the blindfold or hood is fine. It is unlikely they will cause me to itch. Just sayin’.]

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    I like the cone of shame idea! That way, he can see whatever you choose to show him, but not the fun stuff going on below. I think that might be yet another form of fun frustration!

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