Order, Order

Lion didn’t expect me to order for him at dinner.

Lion left out one fairly important fact from our day out. I ordered for him at the Chinese restaurant. Admittedly, I didn’t necessarily intend to order for him. That is, I started with the appetizer, ordered my own food and, as an afterthought, added his order. I wasn’t a premeditated act. I just decided, what the heck. Why not?

I’m sure that detracts from the power of it quite a bit. I didn’t do it to be powerful. I did it because I know Lion likes when I do it. There was no conscious effort to throw my weight around. It was an easy order so I just did it. Had there been something specific about it like hold the carrots or add more celery, I might have left him to his own devices. I am new to this whole ordering for the table thing. I’m taking baby steps like I do with everything else. Who knows? Maybe it will become one of the things that sneaks up on us, as Lion wrote in his post this morning. The point is, Lion is never sure when I’ll pop my head out of the sand and do something. For that matter, I’m not either. I surprise myself as much as I surprise Lion when it happens.

According to my watch, we walked about four miles at the fair. That’s a lot for sedentary folks. And, although we bought fudge, we didn’t gorge ourselves on fair food. We each had a bratwurst. Lion had an ear of corn. And we shared a Dole whip. I was tempted to buy cotton candy because that just seems to me to be a fair tradition, but I didn’t. No fried Twinkies or elephant ears. No scones because I don’t really like scones and I don’t understand why the lines are so long when you can buy the same mix in the store and make your own. People were carrying around shopping bags full of scones to take home. I guess you have to in order to justify standing on line for at least an hour.

We had fun though. Lion deserves some sort of prize for putting up with my coworker and I. Separately we can be a bit much. Together we are insane.