Lion remembered his training collar both times we went out this weekend. He got the customary vibration to let him know I knew he was wearing it. First, I try to connect. If I am successful then I give him a vibration. Obviously, if I can’t connect I can’t give him the vibration. I usually wait until we’re driving away from the house before I tell him I can’t connect. That way he can’t rectify the situation. If he’s caught, he’s caught.

He may have been good about remembering the collar, but he did interrupt me. He has a habit of assuming he knows what I’m saying and trying to finish my sentence. Sometimes he is correct. Other times he’s not. Every time he is wrong to interrupt. On Sunday, he got zapped for his indiscretion. We were home at the time and he was sitting on the bed starting to undress when I let him have it. It almost shot him off the bed. Despite the abruptness and surprise, I’m sure he’d rather have that than a sore butt. It also crossed my mind that he might have to wear a diaper for the rest of the day, but then the zap was too good to pass up.

When Lion was sick with his kidney stones, I allowed him to be wild. It didn’t seem fair to cage my weenie when he wasn’t feeling well. And then, of course, he had a stent in my weenie and that really wouldn’t have been fair to cage him. On our first trip out of the house after he felt better, I reminded Lion to wear the training collar. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but it had been so long I didn’t want him to get in trouble for something it was logical he’d forget. Now, all bets are off. If he forgets, he’ll be punished. No more Mrs. Nice Lion. At least as far as the training collar is concerned.

I have been nice about the cage. Recently, I’ve been thinking that if Lion isn’t horny he can be wild. Plus, this week he has a doctor’s appointment so he’ll remain wild until after that. I’m still sort of trying the orgasm-a-day experiment and I figure that will keep him less horny. So far, he’s had orgasms every other day or so. That’s probably more doable than every day. We’ll see how that works out for a while. He may still have trouble with that.

It’s all just part of our recent experiments.Try a dab of this, a pinch of that, and see what we come up with. Sometimes it’s successful. Sometimes it’s not. You never know until you try.