All Systems Go

Well, not all systems. Lion is pretty much back to normal except for sex. It’s not surprising that he isn’t horny. His favorite body part (it really belongs to me) was just invaded the other day. I don’t doubt it will be a while before he’s raring to go. And he needs the same surgery again next Friday to remove the stent, so Lion will be out of commission for a little while longer. But he feels much better and that’s more important than sex.

We got a comment the other day, asking if he spilled anything on his hospital gown and if he’ll be punished for that. Way to kick a man when he’s down! He’s peeing blood, but let’s whomp his butt anyway. I don’t think so. I don’t care how hard core you are, you have to have common sense. He was barely able to form complete sentences with the pain killers. Besides, pain killers? Duh. He might not feel a punishment anyway.

For now, all rules are suspended. He’s still trying to observe the rules, but if he falters, I won’t punish him. His job right now is to get better. And my job is to help him. When he gets to a point that he’s ready to go back to business as usual, he’ll tell me. Or I’ll tell him, if I think he’s milking it. I don’t think it’s in Lion’s nature to try to get away with things. Most of the time, he self-reports transgressions. Who knows? He may be ready for the rules to come back before he’s ready for sex. But trust me, when Lion is ready for sex, he’ll definitely let me know. And if he’s ready for sex, he’s ready for the rules.

This may be the longest Lion has been wild and didn’t want sex. Poor Mr. Weenie. I haven’t even touched him in days. Right now I know he doesn’t miss me. That’s okay. I understand. We’ll get reacquainted eventually.