Yesterday, on the way home from work, I decided that my “condition” at the end of the year is like PMS. Lion is lucky he doesn’t have to deal with my PMS throughout the year. He just has to deal with my YEF – year end funk. Sure YEF lasts longer than any given PMS, but PMS lasts about a week a month. YEF only lasts about a month and a half. If you add up all the weeks of PMS you get twelve weeks. YEF is only half of that. You’re welcome, Lion.

I think Lion may even have a little YEF in addition to his cough. I bought some corn bread yesterday. Lion likes it buttered and warmed up in a frying pan. I did that. Lion likes his coffee strong. I did that. When he saw the corn bread he said it was raw and there was no butter on it. I corrected him. When he was done with his coffee, he said I need to remember to hit the strong button on the coffee maker. I corrected him. Just a shade of YEF there.

I’m trying to fight off my YEF this morning. I looked at the messy kitchen table and thought there’s no way things will be clean for Christmas dinner. Then I wondered why I was worried about that. Christmas is Sunday. We have all day Friday and Saturday to get it clean. I was annoyed that the stores will be packed when we finally get out to shop for things we need for dinner. Then I thought we don’t need much. What’s the big deal? YEF. That’s all it is. Remain calm. Easier said than done, but I’m going to try.

Despite my YEF, I edged Lion last night. He was very horny. He just had an orgasm the other day. He shouldn’t be so horny. He must be getting better. I teased him mercilessly with the Magic Wand. Even afterwards he wanted me to edge him again. Of course, he hoped I’d go too far and give him another orgasm. And I knew if I did, he’d ask me why I gave him another one so soon. *sigh* Can’t win. So I didn’t edge him again. He’d had his exercise for the night. A lion shouldn’t be greedy.

Lion is also locked away again. I was debating with myself whether I should lock him up or leave him wild until he feels all better. Then he asked if I wanted him to put the base ring on. I assumed he wanted to go back in. We can do that. A few minutes after being locked up he said he likes being wild better. Too bad. He was locked up and would stay that way. As he kept telling me he liked it better when he was wild, I told him he just spent money getting the Jail Bird re-threaded. And he’s having the new, non-metal cage resized. I think he needs to be caged to get our money’s worth.

I guess that’s the paradox to being caged. When he’s out, he wants in. When he’s in, he wants out. Silly Lion.


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    Over the last few years, my wife has also noticed that she’s been experiencing YEF. She is unfailingly polite and kind to me, but she’s definitely more snippy in other normally frustrating situations (dealing with customer service after being transferred four times, for example). We’re essentially non-religious, so the normal seasonal celebrations aren’t really a source of stress for her, but she does tend to be a bit depressed. I’m not noticeably affected, but it does seem to be part of the season for a lot of people.

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    It’s a paradox that many share. Judging only by myself, what I suspect he really desires is to feel that he is ‘forced’ to be caged. After all, where is the power exchange if you are locked up when you want to caged?

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      Hi group
      This is the first time I have ever posted in any kind of group blog. If I misfire on educate, please be kind
      I am very new to all of this. Ordered cb600l and cb6000s. Delivery date of Friday Dec 30. my loving wife of 32 years has agreed to be my KH. She asked how long until my first release? Not really a question I want to answer. Kind of takes away from the loss of control. I have suggested to leave it up to the dice after she gets the key. Then stand her ground. Using the Yahtzee dice, I will see how many dice she shakes to judge her real attitude.
      I guess this falls back on be careful of what you ask for?
      She seams to have little or no sex drive, it seams more like a service to her. I have fallen in to the habit of chronic masturbation (6 to 8 times a week). I am hopping this control will change her attitude toward sexual interaction. relight a low burning flame.
      Very excited, impatiently waiting

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