Wish Lists

I’d like to say I tired Lion out by letting him come the other night. Unfortunately, he’s not feeling well. He’s been working from home all snuggled in bed. It’s very strange that he can have video conferences in bed, but that’s the nature of his work. We were supposed to go out last night, but Lion said he didn’t have the energy. He snoozed off and on next to me while I watched TV.

I still haven’t locked him back up. I know the cage doesn’t present too much of a problem to him, but when you don’t feel well, everything presents a problem. I’d rather have him comfortable. I know he won’t cheat, especially when he doesn’t feel well. There’s no danger there.

I’m hoping he’ll be feeling better tonight. Not that I have any special plans for him. I just want him better. Naturally, when he’s better I can make some plans. For now I’ll just make sure he’s comfy and can snooze or whatever he needs. Lion always feels like he’s taking advantage of me when he’s sick and I take care of him. I don’t mind doing it. He takes care of me when I’m not feeling well. It’s what we do.

As far as plans are concerned, we do have a four day weekend coming up. Thanksgiving sort of sneaked up on me. It was always next month and then a few weeks away, and now suddenly it’s here. Once we’re done with dinner we have the rest of the weekend to play. Obviously we won’t be playing the entire time. You have to come up for air once in a while. But I’ll plan some play time. Some of it will probably be in the sling. It’s been ages since we did that. And maybe we’ll try again with anal play. I’m not so concerned anymore with fisting. I’d just like Lion to be able to ride the fucking machine eventually.

Anyway, that’s my Thanksgiving wish list. It’s similar to my Christmas wish list. And, really, my every day wish list.