My Orgasm Mystery

It’s been a while since I’ve reacted to Mrs. Lion’s decision on the date when it becomes possible for me to have an orgasm. Friday night was my latest “maybe” date. At some point in our daily email exchange, I noted that the lion weather was cool. That’s our little code about how horny I am. For no good reason, even though I had been waiting a week, I just wasn’t interested in sex. As is her right, she decided to give me one anyway. Of course she can. She can always arouse me.

Yup, I got hard. She edged me a few times. Finally she made me come. Generally I feel relaxed and satisfied after an orgasm. This time I was a little irritated. It wasn’t that the orgasm didn’t feel good. It did. I don’t understand why I wasn’t happy. This is new. To be clear, I wasn’t angry at Mrs. Lion. I just wished she had let me wait a bit longer until this mood passes. I said something to that effect. I hurt her feelings.

That wasn’t my intent. For some reason, I just didn’t want that orgasm while feeling the way I did. There’s nothing in the enforced chastity guide that covers this sort of thing. Until now, I’ve always loved orgasms. It’s confusing to realize I can come but not really want to. It isn’t that I want to wait longer. No, that never crossed my mind.

I always assumed that if I weren’t interested in sex, I wouldn’t get hard. Isn’t an erection the flagpole of sexual interest? Clearly I wanted the sexual attention. The edging was very real and intense. While it was going on, I hoped that Mrs. Lion would leave me unsatisfied. Again, not for the typical enforced chastity reason, but because I felt that I wouldn’t be as fully involved as I like.

Words are failing me. I don’t know how to articulate how I felt. This is completely new to me. I do know that it had nothing to do with my lioness. If I weren’t so intensely attracted to her, I wouldn’t have gotten hard at all. She’s right. She can take an orgasm from me whenever she wants, whether or not I want one at that time.