One More Day

As proof that Lion’s horniness level is not tied to time, he’s been very horny even though it’s only been five days since his last orgasm. He had an orgasm a week ago Friday and Saturday he was very horny again. There’s just no telling when he’ll be ready again. He wonders why he’s so raring to go. I think I have at least part of the explanation.

First of all, Lion has a job. True, he wasn’t horny right after getting that job. It took a bit for the realization to sink in. And then he needed to actually start the job. New people, new surroundings, new expectations, travelling – it’s a lot to get used to. Now that he’s settled in a bit more, and he’s fairly sure he’s doing what’s expected of him, life can go back to normal.

Second, 2.0 seems to be back. During his job search and settling in period, she was largely absent. Lion wasn’t much interested in sex so 2.0 took a vacation. She likes the excitement of swatting Lion and edging him. If there was none of that to be had, she wasn’t going to hang around. However, now that he’s back in fighting form, she’s back as well. 2.0 doesn’t tend to let him get away with much. I’m sure that does a lot to turn him on. Although last night when he spilled food on himself, he said 1.0 gave him the swats. Humph! 2.0 should have turned him over for a few 2.0 swats for that remark. [Lion — I think that would have been the right thing to do.]

At any rate, I think everything is back to normal and Lion is making up for lost time in the horniness department. He was almost positive he was going to get an orgasm last night when I gave him some oral attention. I was enjoying the pre-cum that was leaking out. That satisfied me enough to make him wait at least one more day. And maybe one more day after that. And so on.