I do, indeed, have a horny Lion. He’s back to full strength now. It’s only been a few days since his last orgasm, but he’s ready for the next one. I got him very close last night, but didn’t go too far.

We’re back on the road this weekend and next. A short, four day trip this weekend and a longer, further away six day trip on Labor Day weekend. That’s the end of our camping for the summer. Lion is already wild for the trip. He’s been wild since he started working. The cage sits on his nightstand. I don’t know if he’ll ever go back in.

A friend was telling me about an argument she had with her boyfriend. He wanted to buy a car. He said it would be hers. She knew he wanted to drive it, but he assured her it was hers and he would only drive it when she said it was OK. The other day he wanted to drive it. He came up with what he thought was a good reason. She didn’t buy it. She told him he couldn’t drive it. He argued. She pushed back. Eventually he told her she had won the battle but not the war. I thought about how that conversation would go in our house.

Lion: I want to drive the car.
Mrs. Lion: No.
Lion: But I want to show it to my friends.
Mrs. Lion: No
Lion: It’s just for one day. I promise I won’t      ask to use it again.
Mrs. Lion: *SWAT*

Perhaps my friend needs to borrow some paddles. Lion would never tell me I’d won the battle but not the war. Actually, we don’t fight much. Never have. But now I just give him a look and remind him that I have an arsenal of paddles that agree with me. That usually stops any grumbling.


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    Even though my wife and I definitely do not have female-led relationship, during the times I’m locked up (most of the time, now), the most subtle of glances or expressions referring to the key around her neck is usually enough to sway any debate in her favor.

    We don’t fight – never have; it almost always seems like we’re on the same page in any given situation. These are minor things like should we take a quick overnight trip to Utah to see Joan Jett/Cheap Trick (mostly using frequent-flyer miles, but of course there’s always some expense), or be financially conservative. I was leaning towards going, but then I saw the “look”, so I guess we’ll pass this time…

    Normally (well, pre-now normally, anyway), we’d have a brief discussion, then if she felt strongly I’d acquiesce; more often, though, we’d follow my lead. I really like the fact that now she’s more comfortable expressing her real feelings about such minor things. Without exception, I’d rather that she be happy than have things happen my way – that’s what makes me happiest, too.

    Wow – we’re pretty nauseating, I guess. Oh well; I wish that every couple could be as happy as we are. I sense that the Lions are much like this, too.

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    This was a great story. We both laughed out loud at the conclusion of your story. As my wife and I proceed into our FLR further, we both feel that the domestic discipline would be the end result of a similar discussion just as you suggest. I am not sure why that works on us guys, but it does. Kudos to both you guys!
    Keep up the great blogging, you are both inspirational in the Female led world.

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