I admit it. I forgot how much fun it is to torture Lion. To get him all excited and stop suddenly. To listen to him groan when he realizes he was so close and won’t get to come. I know he doesn’t expect to come, but he hopes he will and right up until I stop he may even be sure he will. Because he never does know what I’ll do. Bonus orgasms are not a rare occurrence.

Last night he bemoaned the fact that it’s been ten days since his last orgasm. I’d feel a little more sorry for him if he’d been horny the entire time. Magically becoming horny on the eighth or ninth day is not the same. I say he needs to pay some dues before he gets release. At least two more days. And so far it’s just been teasing. No clothespins. No ropes. The only accoutrement has been the Magic Wand. I think that might change tonight.

First of all, I owe him punishment swats for something or other. Even if I didn’t I think it’s time a Lion butt had some attention. And the balls have just been getting massaged lately. Boring! They either need to be tied up or clothespinned. Or swatted. Anything but a massage. And then, of course, I’ll tease him again. And again. And again.

I have to come up with a list of assignments for Lion. He’s worried he’ll be too tired or busy to do them. He needn’t be. I would never make things too difficult for him to do. At least on the first trip. He’s fairly sure he’ll be making this trip somewhat regularly. I can save more difficult tasks for later. This time will be easy peasy. Besides, I’m still working on the game aspect of it. My latest idea is that each assignment will have a point value and he’ll need to earn a certain amount of points to avoid punishment. Another idea is that I could give him a bunch of tasks but he’d only need to do a certain number of them to avoid punishment. This is only the maiden voyage of the game so I’m sure we’ll need to tweak it before I get it just right.