Tonight’s the Night

I don’t normally put so much emphasis on Lion’s orgasms. I don’t. Really. OK, a little. But tonight is his first orgasm since we hit reset on things. Lion is finally horny again after unemployment and job distractions took him off his game. He didn’t feel like playing. Now he’s back to his horny self, giving me Lion weather reports and grumbling (mildly) about how horny he is.

Monday is our anniversary. Lion will be a few time zones away. However, today is the anniversary of the day we first “met” online. Tuesday is the anniversary of the first day we met in person. See? We have this cluster of days that are special. His missing our wedding anniversary might be annoying if it weren’t for the fact that today is special too. And, really, every day with Lion is special. I did schedule his orgasm date for today on purpose. It was never going to be his “maybe” date. It was going to be an orgasm for sure. I scheduled one for Monday too, but he’s obviously not going to get that one. No, Lion, you may not give it to yourself.

Last night, in addition to edging my poor Lion within seconds of coming, I made a list of assignments for him. I’ve assigned points to each task. I’ll give him a goal and we’ll see how he does. If he doesn’t reach the goal, he’ll be punished. These tasks are not difficult. It’s almost as easy as tying his shoes. Those are worth the fewest points. The more difficult tasks are worth more. It’s up to him if he wants to go straight for the most difficult right off the bat and complete his goal early, or take his time. What if he earns more points than he needs? I bet I could come up with some sort of reward for that. But Lion tends not to use the rewards I give him. I’ll have to make him an offer he can’t refuse. I won’t allow him to carry points over to the next trip. It would be too difficult to keep track of and we’re not at all sure how often he’ll be travelling. I’m not going to hold three points for a trip six months from now. Nope. He’ll have to settle for a reward.

Today we’re doing laundry and running errands to get Lion ready for his trip. He leaves early in the morning. That gives me all day to putter around an empty house. Neither of us is looking forward to being alone. I guess that will make the homecoming that much better.

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