Progress Report

Things are indeed getting back to what we consider normal. We’re both well on the way to being healthy again. Mrs. Lion is back to her favorite sport of lion teasing. You’d think after all this time that I’d be more prepared for when she stops masturbating me just before I come. I’m not. Maybe it is physical and no matter how often she does it, I can’t be ready. She’s come a long way. From the first too-soft-to-feel spank to edging me with nary a thought, Mrs. Lion is a first class keyholder/disciplining wife. She’s the consummate cock tease. I love it!

I realize that I am a handful. I am not a bit submissive. Obedience is a challenge for me. Fortunately, my nature is not to rebel against authority. My typical pattern is to just ignore it and do what I want. I don’t do this willfully. It’s simply my nature. That means that if Mrs. Lion doesn’t react and punish me when I cross the line, I won’t even realize I did anything I shouldn’t. As time has passed, she’s improved at doing this, but we both have a way to go in the obedience/discipline department.

I often read in other blogs that guys feel happier and more secure as their keyholder/disciplining wives become stricter. It’s as though there is comfort in surrendering control more completely. This may be the essence of submission in this context. I don’t think that applies so much to me.

I like the sexual control a lot and truly enjoy that Mrs. Lion is getting stricter and more consistent. On the other hand, beyond rules that earn me spankings, I don’t particularly want to give up all control. My vision of what we are now doing is that Mrs. Lion is learning to assert herself and her wishes. I am learning to honor (obey) them.

This is very different from the micromanagement scenarios I often read. I don’t think the goal is for me to become a trained pet. It’s more that Mrs. Lion will assume an increasing leadership role in our relationship. I will remain autonomous; except, of course, when Mrs. Lion wants me to obey her. Punishment, I believe, will remain a permanent part of this landscape. Discipline, like the chastity device, has proven to provide both of us with constructive motivation. We both need the domestic discipline to remind us of our roles.

I have to admit that I am surprised at this revelation. I never thought that far ahead. Well, now I know.

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