Lion wonders why I didn’t say, “We’re not leaving.” the other day. Perhaps it was baby steps. Perhaps he did have a choice. He could have left. I would have figured out how to get home. My point was that I was not going to leave just because he wanted to leave. It was my line in the sand. It was for him to decide if he’d leave me or not. He decided to choose wisely.

I wish the same were true of last night when he decided to interrupt me. He was listening to the news and I started to say something. Before I got half a sentence out, he interrupted. And it just proved he hadn’t heard anything I said because the first part of my sentence was “I’m not saying X happened, but….” And then he proceeded to tell me that X didn’t happen. Um…I know. That’s what I said. When I told him I didn’t want to continue my thought he got upset at me. He got upset at me. How does that work?

A few minutes later, Lion announced it was punishment night. I told him it was a good thing because he had something on his list. And yes, I know, I should have whomped him when it happened. We were in the kitchen and the paddle was right there. But I think if I had started whomping at that moment I might not have stopped until he had blisters. As it was, when I did swat him, it was very hard and he rolled over a few times. Finally he rolled over and told me he was done. In his defense, they were very hard swats. In my defense, they needed to be. And since he ended the punishment early, he will get more swats tonight. I doubt those swats will be as hard, but there will be more of them. Luckily, he remembered to thank me for the punishment.

Lion is fortunate that I didn’t let the punishment stop me from the rest of the night’s activities. I knew he was horny. I suppose I could, at some point, tell him we’re not playing on a certain night because he pissed me off and that’s his punishment. But not last night. I had other plans for him. Even though we haven’t been playing, I decided he needed another orgasm. And he was going to get it with me riding him. That is his most favorite position to have an orgasm. We both love when he comes inside me.

I’m not really sure how many orgasms Lion has had at his all-you-can-come buffet. As a guess, I’d say four. He’s still got a week to go. Maybe he’ll have four more.