The Brink

Almost every night I take Lion to the brink. Build him up. Let him down. Build him up. Let him down. Over and over again. I think a lot of people, myself included, would be really pissed off if you got their hopes up like that and then disappointed them time and time again. Actually in my case, it’s one of the reasons I don’t have many expectations. Not specifically in the sex department. But this is what Lion wants. I guess it’s the thrill of the chase. Maybe that’s why some fishermen do catch and release. They don’t want the fish. They just want to catch them.

This isn’t entirely true of Lion, of course. He loves orgasms. He just also loves being teased. He says he has more sex than most men based on the number of times he almost has orgasms. I guess that depends on what you consider sex. For many non-orgasmic women, sex is pretty much like that although they don’t get as hot and bothered as Lion gets. Last night I don’t think I could have gotten him any closer to the edge without going over.

I still don’t understand Lion’s need to be denied. I’ve only been tree-humping horny a few times. And I’ve only been denied a few times. Usually it was because of fatigue and a change of position cured it. I can tell you I didn’t like it one bit. Don’t get me close if you’re not going to take me all the way. I suppose it has less to do with sex than power. He wants be at my mercy. Ironically, since starting enforced chastity, I’ve wanted to give him more orgasms than he’s had in the prior few years. It even seems the more I want to give him, the fewer he wants.

When 2.0 came along she really started speaking Lion’s language. She may not go as far as Lion would like her to yet, but she’s going a lot farther than 1.0 ever did. I keep wondering if 3.0 is lurking out there somewhere. Since it took almost two years for 1.0 to morph into 2.0, I think we have a ways to go before 3.0 shows up. 2.0 has taken the paddle and run with it so maybe she’ll advance much faster than 1.0 did.

[Lion — This post brings up a very interesting issue in male chastity: Just why would I actually want this teasing and not be upset that I didn’t get to the end? In the beginning of this power exchange I was annoyed that I didn’t get to have an orgasm. However, I didn’t have long to wait until I did. I loved the power exchange and really craved the nearly-daily sexual attention. So, if the price for that attention was waiting to finally ejaculate, it seemed affordable to me.

As time went on, I became conditioned to separate arousal from orgasm. I no longer expected that I would come when Mrs. Lion stimulated me. I got into the great feelings that precede the actual ejaculation. The trade off was that I could do this over and over. If I actually had an orgasm, the fun would be over for at least a day. But if that orgasm was withheld, I was ready to go anytime. Combine that with the sexual power exchange and I am very happy to wait.]