Should He Ever Have Another Orgasm?

Lion has it in his head that his optimum wait time is two weeks. After all, that works out to two orgasms a month which is what I said he’d have in April. Except I never said that. I said that was the trend for the year so far. But, in talking with him, he sounds like he enjoys being edged so much and does not enjoy the letdown after an orgasm that, to me, it seems like he doesn’t want more than two orgasms a month. And then I wonder if that will translate to less than two orgasms a month.

In my mind, we’ve gone from “I hope she lets me have an orgasm” every time I edge him to “I hope she doesn’t give me one” so the feeling can go on and on. At this point I sort of feel bad if I give him an orgasm. Should I make him wait longer? How long is long enough? And isn’t it my decision when he has one?

Last night we were talking and he made a comment about not wanting too many orgasms. Who is this man? How did this happen? The Lion who, several years ago, had an orgasm every night, has transformed into the Lion who might want an orgasm more often than he gets one, but might be disappointed immediately after he gets it because the feeling is gone. Never mind that the feeling will be back in a day or two, it’s gone now.

Maybe he’s come full circle. Once he was disappointed he didn’t get an orgasm every night. Now he’s disappointed he didn’t get thwarted. I’m not sure I like this change. It’s certainly not something I strived for. I do like a horny Lion, but I like him when he wants an orgasm. To me it should be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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    I’m starting to understand Lion’s point of view. I now realize that the pleasure of an orgasm, while wonderful, is fleeting and purely physical – while the pleasure of denial is both mental and physical, and prolonged. On the other hand, I agree with you that the anticipation of an orgasm has great value in heightening the excitement of play time, and I would not want to give them up entirely (though this is of course Madam’s decision). I find that the combination of waiting and uncertainty is delicious: waiting until I “qualify” for an orgasm and then not knowing when Madam will decide that she wants me to have one.

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      I agree with you that the delicious anticipation combined with the enjoyment of the teasing and edging is heady stuff. In my case, once my wait passes a certain point (currently between 10 and 14 days), my desire for sexual stimulation declines. Today, for example, at 14 days I am not nearly as desperate for sex as I was only a few days ago. A year ago, by day six my interest was declining. It’s truly up to my lioness to decide when I can have an orgasm. One thing: If she decides the day has arrived and on that day she begins with a play session, possibly including bondage (which always turns me on) and then edges me over and over, I will be as desperate for that orgasm as I was on the ninth day. I think that the more time that elapses between orgasms, the more extra “attention” I need to reach that horny peak 2.0 loves to see.

      Of course, if she conducts the play session and edging and then stops, I will be as frustrated on the 15th day as I would have been on the fifth.

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    This is becoming very, very interesting. 🙂

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    I think in part the answer may lie in your last line – “to me it should be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”.

    By restricting orgasms you start to notice their impacts on your mood and well being. You also find the build up is at least as good, if not better than the actual climax. From there you really do start to look forward to the tease and the edging more than the climax itself. I have found my orgasm to be something I don’t actually go searching for anymore. To me it means that the teasing and build up is at an end. Sex is now about the journey and not the end which has had significant benefit for both of us. I no longer see it as the pot of gold. Going from an orgasm a day (usually through masturbation) to one every so often (last one was after 20 weeks) is such a change, one I wouldn’t have ever believed possible, but one that I actually find more satisfying.

    Ultimately it will be whatever you decide for Lion but I did want to share my similar experience to what you described was happening with Lion.

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    My hubby is just like him. He would be happy just edging 90% of the time and not cumming. When I have given him the option to cum after a long session of edging he has chosen not to cum. I think I may start making sure he cums once in awhile.

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      2.0 can take an orgasm any time she wishes. She doesn’t have to wait for me to want to have one.

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    That is certainly an enticing title to this post!
    Could this really be a possibility, to not be allowed to orgasm, ever? Permanent denial. Terrifying, yet arousing.

    I agree with the other commenters here. I have gotten to the point where I believe that I prefer to be kept edged and not cumming. If I am getting close, I will my erection to fade.
    Given the choice now, I would choose denial, but my wife likes it when I cum and she can make me cum even when I don’t want to. That control that she has of my sex is the best of all.
    Use him as you wish. (he will love it)

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    I cannot see me in a situation like this at all. Although I too went from several orgasms a day to on average 10 days with a 7 day minimum wait at all times, my craving for the next orgasm has never ceased at all. Yes, I can bear the wait better but the promise of an orgasm is what keeps me in check and on my toes. In my relationship with my disciplinarian, an orgasm is a privilege that is only granted when I’m a good boy that abides by our rules. As lion agreed with me in another of my replies, it may be down to age and sex drive that comes with it. At still 25, chastity as a byproduct and means of enforcing discipline is very powerful tool and cause of great frustration. After all part of why I am locked up has to do with porn an masturbation addiction. I can’t remember where I read it, but I stumbled over another blog I think where a lady who had some experience in keeping men chaste said that looking back she feels the first lockout should be a year as that would be long enough to starve a man of his sexual fantasies and masturbation habits. But while I really appreciate the good chastity has done to me in denying me constant masturbation even the promise that I could be permanently changed for the better I honestly thing I would go insane if I would not be allowed to cum at least every other week. Have you ever discussed a longer period to see how Lion would feel? Or making the unlockings more random so he can’t look forward to them? I would think that could be a game changer.

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