Very Hard

Yesterday Lion said he was very horny. I think that’s good news. I like when he’s very horny. He says I only make it worse when I play with him. I offered to ignore him for the night. No touching. No contact. Nothing. He didn’t like that idea very much. He likes when I make it worse. Good. I can certainly do that for him.

Lion showed me a video that’s making the rounds on the Twitterverse. A women is masturbating a man with an electric toothbrush. I don’t think I ever would have thought of that, but it’s another example of an innocuous vanilla item being used for a kinky purpose. When the man finally comes, she puts the semen on the toothbrush and brushes his teeth with it. Lion finds this very hot. OK. I don’t get it. I mean, I get the whole vibrating thing on his cock. But then to brush his teeth with it? I’m fairly sure that’s not the part that turns Lion on. It’s the actual vibrating orgasm. And possibly the hood the guy is wearing. Actually, 2.0 gets it. The woman is making the guy do this. Or, more correctly, doing it to him. He has no say in the matter. Plus the fact that Lion has discovered he really does like vibrators. [Lion — Actually it’s both. The tooth brushing is a strong act of domination. I’ve had fantasies like that. The reality will certainly not be fun, but the memory and promise of more will be very hot.] 

I did indeed make Lion’s horniness worse last night. I was sure I went too far one time. I held my grip just a little longer than I should have and Lion’s face contorted. Maybe I was a half a stroke from a ruined orgasm. Too close for my comfort. Judging by the grimace, it was too close for Lion’s comfort too. But it’s supposed to be uncomfortable for him. Otherwise it would be an orgasm. And he’s not going to have one of those for at least three days. Probably more. Although he was very hard last night. It was a very impressive erection. Not quite beautiful penis status yet, but he’ll get there. I’ll make sure of that.