Random Swats

Lion and I have been looking for ways to manage our evenings. Somehow he still gets home before I do most nights. He’s still doing most of the cooking. I wondered if a slow cooker would be of any help. We could throw ingredients in it before we leave for work and a meal would magically be waiting for us when we get home. Today is the maiden voyage of the slow cooker. With any luck, we will have yummy chicken cacciatore tonight. Lion is unsure of the seasoning. I’m sure it will take some tweaking, but the slow cooker may be the answer to many dinners in the future.

Last night, when I came out of the shower, I took Lion’s key out but left it in the bathroom. Normally I bring it out with me and have it handy for when I decide to unlock him. Last night I had something else to do so I left the key on the counter. When Lion was in the bathroom I asked him to bring me the key. By asking him to bring it to me, I was hoping it would give him a sense of, “Oh boy! I’m being unlocked!” more than if I just took out the key. You know, a little more fanfare. He likes that. He was definitely happy. He was even happier when I decided to give him a little oral action. It’s more difficult to edge him orally, since I can’t watch him to see how close he is. I think I got him a few times though. If nothing else, I got him all worked up. Naturally he said he would have liked more and would have preferred an actual orgasm. At least he only has a few days left to wait.

I also forgot maintenance spanking night last night. On Sunday I was positive it was punishment night. Monday he had no items on his list anyway. Last night I don’t know what happened. It’s fine though. I’ll just make up for it tonight. I should just swat him randomly because I can. Maybe I’ll start to do that. I’m sure he won’t mind and if he does it’s just too darn bad.

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    I love your attitude, both loving and dominate sides at the same time. Lion is very lucky,

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