The other day when I asked, in my post, if I had to play with Lion every night to maintain his horniness level, I thought taking a day off might adversely affect him. Thursday night was so jam packed getting ready for our trip, it was 10:30 before we realized it. It was late and we were tired so we didn’t play. Coupled with the fact that I had given him a ruined orgasm Wednesday night, by Friday night, he wasn’t very horny. I think one thing alone would have been all right. Never, ever skip a play day right after a ruined orgasm. Even my powers of oral excellence couldn’t bring Mr. Weenie to life. And we tried a few times. On the plus side, we had fun trying. Despite not being very arousing, he did admit that it felt wonderful.

Saturday was rainy and cool. Not really beach weather. Then again, it’s very rarely beach weather around here. We went for chowder and explored a little bit. Then we both took naps while watching TV. I know it’s not much different from what we’d be doing at home, but somehow it’s incredibly different. Hearing the waves, smelling the ocean breeze, yeah, it’s different.

Lion reported being moderately horny by mid-afternoon. Last night I got Lion to the edge several times. It just proves you can’t keep a good weenie down. I think I may have gotten him as close to the edge as he can get before going over. There were a few times he was pounding on the bed with his hand after I stopped. Normally, that behavior is reserved for a ruined orgasm. I even allowed him to buck himself to the edge once. Maybe he thought I’d let him come since I normally do when he works so hard. Sadly, for him, it was not to be.

Today, the weather looks like it has improved. It’s beach day for the dog. Tonight it might be restraint night for the Lion. The question is, will it be front side or back side up? Lion still has a few days to wait so if it’s front side up he knows he won’t get an orgasm anyway. But we can still have fun. Either way he wins. Poor, lucky Lion.