It Could Be Worse

In one of our email exchanges I asked Lion if he had any ideas for dinner. He responded with chicken parm, if that was ok. Yum! Definitely ok. It is a lot of work and, when I walked through the door, Lion apologized for not having any vegetable for the meal. I will never have a problem with no vegetable. Fruit either. I know I should eat better, but fruits and vegetables are not my favorite. Besides, it was a lot of food already. And spaghetti sauce counts as a vegetable, right?

While I was doing the dishes, Lion asked if he could lie down for a while. His back hurt and he wasn’t sure what he did to it. Well I’m not going to make him dry the dishes if he’s hurting, so I told him to lie down. I still needed to go to the camper for the food and Lion said he could help but needed to rest for a bit. When I was ready to go out he said he’d help, stood up, said “nope” and was back down again. So off I went, with the dog, to get the food. By the time I got back in the house my back had some twinges of its own. We make quite a pair. But I knew mine were just muscle spasms that would go away in a little bit.

That was pretty much our evening. He took some Tylenol and I just rested. Since he had had his awesome orgasm the night before I didn’t think he’d be looking for action anyway. And he hasn’t been sleeping well either. It was a non-punishment non-play night. Well it was punishment night but he had nothing on his list. And our not playing had nothing to do with punishment. It was just a day off.

Today we have some errands to run. As I drove home last night I was thinking about painting some Lion toes again. There’s really no reason why. I just want to. Well, yes there is a reason why. It makes him squirm. And he makes a funny face. And because I can. That seems like enough reasons to do it. It’s actually pretty funny that he would have such a distasteful reaction to something that isn’t very visible at all. He probably wouldn’t notice it unless I told him he had pretty toes. So, naturally, I point it out a lot. I could be worse; I could make him wear a diaper.