Back on Track

We haven’t played in a few nights. Lion hasn’t been horny and I haven’t felt the need to push the situation. In the back of my mind I know he has said that if he’s left alone (with no playing) for a few days he will automatically lose interest. That coupled with his current job situation and our lack of good sleep, has become a problem. He needs to be interested. I need to get him there.

I haven’t done manscaping in a long time. We get busy on the weekends and I forget. Since I haven’t been playing with him much I don’t realize how out of control it is. At some point this weekend I need to address it. And while he’s unlocked I think Lion and I should have a playdate. I don’t have anything specific planned, but I hope it will turn him on. The only thing worse than a grumbly, horny Lion is a quiet, non-horny Lion. That’s not a complaint that he should snap out of it. I know it’s a difficult time for him. I just want to do whatever I can to help.

Yesterday, in one of our emails back and forth, he told me I was amazing for wanting to help him. Nope. I’m not amazing. I’m in love. And I like to make him happy. So I am now on a personal crusade to make my Lion horny again. I know I have the tools. Paddles, check. Restraints, check. Butt plugs, check. Mouth, check. Good to go.

Of course, I realize it’s not all up to me. He has to want to be horny again. He has to get his mind off of the bills and the job search. I have to help him. Together we’ll figure it out. Together we’re a very good team.