Nightly Edging

Lion has been a very lucky boy this week. I’ve edged him four nights in a row. He says the feeling lasts till the next day and he just wants me to be near him even more. This morning I was wondering how long I would continue our daily play sessions. It’s sort of a high maintenance schedule. Not that it takes a lot out of me, but how long can we really play every day? I guess we’ll find out! I want to see if I can get him to a point where he’s begging me for an orgasm.

It’s interesting to me that, just when I think we’ve hit a plateau and things must surely be getting boring for Lion, we find something new to try. The last time we played every night was way back in the beginning of our journey when I gave him an orgasm every night for a week or so. We finally stopped because it became too much for Lion. This is definitely different. Intense edging without coming certainly makes him hornier. Ironically, the touch he craves will just disappoint him again and again. He’ll never quite get to that orgasm. So close and yet so far. Poor boy. He’s getting exactly what he wished for.

There is an end date out there, of course. But there doesn’t really have to be. If we can both maintain the schedule there’s really no limit to how long we can go. Lion can always decide he can go another day. If I’m waiting for him to reach his breaking point before giving him an orgasm, and he’s decided he won’t give in till I give in, we could be in for a very long wait. Two stubborn people waiting for the other to blink. However, he knows I’ll probably blink first. My need to give him an orgasm is sometimes greater than his need to have one. That may sound ridiculous, but I think sometimes he wants to be pushed further than I am willing to push him. Actually he always wants to be pushed further than I’m willing to push him. Not necessarily just from an orgasm point of view.

He wants longer, harder spankings. He wants more stuff up his butt. He wants more everything. Velcro? Well, no. Not Velcro. But more of everything else. For now we’ll see how long we can push each other to play every night without an orgasm. Fun times in the Lions’ den.

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    Have you tried edging him something Angora? My Wife did it to me years ago and to this day my little locked up one tries to erect whenever I see a woman wearing anything Angora.
    When lightly stroked its like every Angora hair is stimulating every nerve ending, but only just enough to slowly go forward toward an ejaculation. Its so frustrating to be edged this way and I want so badly to get enough to go over the edge and come, but it never happens.

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